San Francisco’s Seafood Restaurants

San Francisco’s Seafood Restaurants

San Francisco has more sea food restaurants than you could imagine on the wharf and or in the restaurants. Some of these are popular with the locals as well as the tourists. Restaurants that sell seafood have perfected the art of unleashing the flavor of the oceans with just a cut and mixing them with sauces that enhance the flavor.

Anchor Oyster Bar & Seafood Market is where the locals go to when the craving for oysters hits them. The locals also love the special open-face sandwich made with crab, shrimp and cheese. It’s a comfortable place to hang out in and highly affordable. Tadich Grill is another local haunt and serves standard seafood that is grilled or baked. Lobster, oyster stew, clam chowder and petrale sole are their staples. 

Generations of seafood lovers have enjoyed fresh shellfish and especially just shucked oysters at Swan Oyster Depot. Cracked crab, lobster, and shrimp served along with few soups and salads are lunch time favorites. However, look out for it as it cannot be distinguished from the street.

Farallon is known as much for its elaborate décor as well as their food presentations. Fillet may arrive on foam and bathed in aroma. The raw fish bar has delicacies from all the known waters of the world and they match it up with the right drink - Mariner cocktail.  Chilled Louisiana white prawns, Mediterranean shellfish bisque and pan-roasted local petrale sole are some of their superb seasonal offerings.

The family run Scoma’s on Fisherman's Wharf's serves great quality with large portions. There broad windows offer pleasant views and their lengthy menu has Italian accented seafood including pastas, grilled fish, shellfish and their fabulous cioppino alla pescatore with Dungeness crab is delectable.

Codmother Fish and Chips is just what it says but the location right there on the seafront grabs you for its simple but best grilled, fried or baked fish in Frisco. Even the seagulls seem to think so for they’ll come for a quick bite as you sit on the patio tables enjoying the fare and the scenery.

Catch Restaurant is perfect for the cold foggy and windy evenings. You can cozy up at the fireplace while the staff parade the spacious dining room with tuna tartare and linguine with clams. Go for nothing else on their menu but the fish including the entrees.
Waterbar Restaurant has for its décor two vertical fish tanks.  Starters like oysters, kingfish tartare, Pernod-spiked shellfish bisque and Champagne-marinated sardines all paired with wines are a steal as is the view of Bay Bridge.

photo by Ian Ransley