San Francisco: the best burgers in town

San Francisco: the best burgers in town

San Francisco loves its burgers and offers tremendous varieties some of which have been tempered with ingredients from all over the globe. There is no limit to the way the patty is prepared and placed on a vast variety of breads. Some like fillings with salads and others with cheese so take your pick as we go through San Francisco’s wide array of burgers.

4505 Meats is on everyone’s best list and why not. The thin grilled meat from grass –fed beef is served in straightforward fast food style and with lettuce, onions, gruyere and a special secret sauce on a buttery, seeded bun. The taste has nothing fast food about it because some days you get sirloin, some days you get short rib in the burger.

On the top burger list is In-N-Out. This reasonably priced burger seems to be everyone’s favorite. And what goes into making it?  The double doubles is highly popular and offers two meat patties and two slices of cheese extra spread mustard and grilled onions. You could also top it with other spreads, lettuce and tomato.

If you are mighty hungry then the giant Wayfare Tavern burger is what you ordered. It is made with grass-fed beef, smoked bacon and Marin County brie or Mt. Tam cheese. The grilled red onions add to the looks and the taste. The delicious brioche bun makes it a top notch burger.

The Umami burger is a contemporary burger made with a mix of eastern taste. Made with American Kobe beef from Masami Ranch it is served on a steamed bun with pickled cucumbers and spiced aioli and friend shallot complete the picture. They are more like cocktail burgers and you can have more than one definitely.

Mission Bowling Club is great for a weekend brunch burger. The burger has grass-fed beef patties fried in beef tallow to get them the crisp crust. Place on a toasted bun and served with caramelized onions, heirloom tomatoes and little gem lettuce complete the burger.
Gott’s Roadside makes sure that their patties come from organic farms that have no hormone feeds or antibiotics. Their American cheese burger with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles served on a toasted egg bun has the most heavenly taste. The waterfront scene is an added ingredient.

Super Duper also seems to be on everyone’s must try list. This simple burger does not have much by way of ingredients but Niman Ranch beef, home-made pickles and cheese if you like that. It stands out for being a staple and affordable burger.

Since vegetarian is in these days Plant Café as the name says offers delectable red veggie burgers. The red comes from beetroot and has additions like lentils, mushrooms, cashews and bulgur wheat. There’s no beating the taste of this east meets west burger.

Bix is expensive and it is unique as it is topped by a big slice grilled onion which is sprinkled with black truffles. Match it up Pinot Noir.

Now ... Enjoy your burger!

photo by Julian