Alborz / Berkeley

2142 Center St btw Oxford & Shattuck Berkeley 94704
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 22:00
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Joanna Bujes en
I ate there once about five months ago and it was good enough that I wanted to go back. But boy, these reviews are terrible. GooglePlace - March 2017
faraz hedayati en
Super RUDE lady ( the one with black hair, not the Asian lady) at the counter! Just now I simply asked to plug in my camera's battery! She gave me mad a look! Didn't eat at all, left immediately! GooglePlace - February 2017
Omer Tripp en
This was by far the worst customer-service experience that I've had for as far as I can remember. We ordered 6 dishes. We asked to replace one (none was good, but the specific one we asked to replace was inedible). The server replied that that's impossible, but I can order another dish. Later, and throughout the entire meal, she did not approach us even once to ask if we need anything, how the food is tasting, etc. Finally, she added 17% gratuity to the bill because we were a party of 6. I approached her and said that I'm surprised that she rejected my ask to replace my dish. Her answer was: "It's your problem. The menu is in English. You should eat what you ordered.". I asked to speak to her manager, only to find that she's also the manager (😳). Anyway, enough said... Beyond the poor food, be prepared for a unique customer-service experience, which I dare not repeat! GooglePlace - December 2016
rasoul malboubi en
June 6, 2016 If I could give a zero rating I would, but yelp/google does not have zero rating. This is the worst restaurant we ever been to. The first time we went to Alborz restaurant in Berkeley was on Sunday, March 2016. We had the worst service ever. We were a party of 10, and the waitress charged 17% tip automatically which I had no problem with . However, we had the lousiest service from the waitress and the worst food quality. Second time, we tried again and we were party of 6, June 12 for dinner . The restaurant was dead and few tables were finishing their dinner and we are the only one in the restaurant as a new customer. We were basically chasing the waitress to come out to the table to take our order. Waitress was very rude. We ordered Chelo Kabob, Soltani, and Barg well done. When the food arrived, inside the well done Kabob was red. When I asked her why this is red, her response was that this was the "Well Done Kabob for Persians". Then, I asked her what about if I order my Kabob rare, therefore, you are going to serve raw meat instead of cooking? The Koobideh Kabob was red inside which should be Well Down all the time as she explained. It appear that the dishwasher was cooking at that night. Because the tip was 17% guaranteed , she was too busy with chatting with other employee instead of give us the service. The TOMATO KABOB WAS SOLID COLD. It looked like they already cooked and put it in the refrigerator and when the customer order it then, the cook heated it up and put it on the plate. The worst part when I cut the tomato in half, the inside of the tomato was rotten . When I ask the waitress, her response " we can not check inside of the tomato". At the same time, the waitress did not seem apologetic at all for giving us the rotten food, and not providing our food the way we asked. In fact, she seemed really upset that we were asking her to replace the rotten tomato and to cook our food to the degree we asked for originally. And we were only able to tell her these things after flagging down the cook to get her attention, as she kept chatting around and joking with the other employees and wasn't paying attention to us at all. Again - we were the only people in the entire restaurant. I never recommend this restaurant! Worst food and service. Save your money and go elsewhere. GooglePlace - December 2016
Ali Ila en
ِDoes Dirty bathroom represents filthy kitchen??? it probably does. Alborz Berkeley is flat BAD. Awful service and the stupid attitude of the Iranian waitress (تاپاله) is amazing. Recently there has been no real chef at Alborz..., the WHOEVER CHEF is unprofessional and not familiar with Persian cuisine. Most Meat dishes come out charcoal burned. I still get a better service at Walnut Creek which is really clean and has a pleasant environment. GooglePlace - September 2016