Arinell Pizza / San Francisco

509 Valencia St. at 16th St. San Francisco 94110
Opening Hours
Sun 12:00 - 22:00
Mon, Tue 11:30 - 22:00
Wed, Thu 11:30 - 00:00
Fri, Sat 11:30 - 00:20
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Tips from the Net @ Arinell Pizza
Benjamin Gutierrez en
The Pizza taste like cardboard and guys that work there are total retards. Total racist working there. They always burn my pizza and never feel welcomed. There motto is If your white than your alright, if your black than stay back if your brown stay down. GooglePlace - February 2018
Coco Harlin en
The guy who claims to own the place came out of the store and told me, while I was playing guitar, that I should “f*** off” using profanity right in front of customers. Most decent business owners know to handle a situation in a more professional manner and simply ask if I could play a bit further away and I always comply gladly. I hope more people see this mans true colors. (Update: I did some personal investigation and found that the guy who told me to f*** off lied about owning the place. The rude guys name is Henry and is new. The owners name is Ron.) GooglePlace - February 2018
Renata Martin en
This is where you go to get A Slice. A big, thin slice that you fold in half. It's not that weird sweetened CA pizza. It's savory, simple, fast, and delicious. GooglePlace - January 2018
Bijan Saenic en
Closest to New York Style pizza in SF. Also depends n who makes the crust that day, lol GooglePlace - January 2018
Mike en
TL:DR Over priced crappy pizza. Slice is styled like NYC, but the similarities end there. lackluster flavor, and a weak sauce are the hallmarks of this spot. Also note it does not consistently open on time. It gets way better than this. Reviewers giving this spot high marks have either never gone to new york and had the pizza or are drunk. GooglePlace - November 2017