Boudin Bakery Café Stonestown / San Francisco

19th Ave. & Winston at Stonestown Galleria San Francisco 94132
Opening Hours
Sun 11:00 - 18:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 21:00

Boudin SF has a full menu for every meal of the day, from piping hot breakfasts to fully satisfying dinners. A casual restaurant, Boudin SF offers an attentive staff and a warm, family-friendly atmosphere - including an on-site bakery with breads baked fresh throughout the day.

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Tips from the Net @ Boudin Bakery Café Stonestown
Aniruddha Mondal en
I like the avocado toast they started making, healthy with right amount of carb! GooglePlace - February 2018
Abdulgader Aburawi en
Very bad service. I did ordered ball bread with sea food soup, and I mentioned to the lady how take my order to be sure no other type of meat included because I'm allergic. First she brought me a beef soup I told her sea food not beef, after long wait she brought me a sea food soup with sougis in, I realized that after first bite. What I don't understand, does that thing make some people in th kitchen start laughing. Allergic means being nervous but I could control myself. People in this place have no respect to other people who have special food needs. That was so bad to in this situation. I don't recommend anyone to go there, spend your money in other place who has respectful people with good attitude. GooglePlace - November 2017
sandiluna en
Had a lovely lunch today. Mom had her regular Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl. I had my favorite Avocado Toast with Pesto and Egg. Service as usual was professional and friendly. We are looking forward to returning to try the new Bread Bowl Combinations. GooglePlace - October 2017
Kyle Lowman en
Good place to get clam cowder, sandwiches and salads :D definitely get the bread bowl Went around 9-30-17 and ran out of clam chowder.... and the previous trip they had no bread bowls but had chowder. Update: 10-13-17 Ordered online, went to pickup, gave us wrong soup. Ordered clam chowder. Didn't have oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies, gave us the Skelton themed one and it was pretty dry and didn't even taste good. Saw a coackaroach climb on the wall from near the far right cashier all the way to where the bread was and watched it crawl around on the baguettes..... needless to say not coming back... after literally every trip I've gone here(over 5 times in the past few months there has been either ran out of something. Got the order wrong. Or seeing roaches..... which made me realize them having bread out not even in a basket or anything, just sitting there on a rack for any roach to go crawl on isn't cool. Also they keep bread right next to the ground on the bottom rack which seems simply unsanitary. The pier 39 one is 10 times better and they never run out of anything GooglePlace - October 2017
David H en
I ordered take out and you're supposed to ask if I need a bag. I can't remember this particular day but I always say yes when I know I need a bag. The lady who brought out my food made me stand back in line to pay 10 cent because of your own staff incompetent that I ended up not having paid for a bag on my receipt. Almost every store would have given the bag without hesitation. I didn't have cash that day so I paid with my credit card for 10 cents. Great customer service. Give yourself a pat on the back! I slammed the receipt down and grabbed my food. I will remember to order online next time to avoid the trouble. GooglePlace - May 2017