Brick & Beam / San Francisco

555 North Point St San Francisco 94133
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:30 - 23:30
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Andrew Flowers en
We sat at the large chairs near the back of the restaurant near the hotel entrance. I went to ask our waiter if we could still get service there, or if that was part of the hotel and we needed to sit more towards the center. The waiter cut me off halfway through my question and said "I'll be right with you". Okay, I reasoned, maybe he thought I was being pushy and that was just a fluke. Then he comes over to our table (we had a party of four, so two of us sat at one table, and two sat at the other) to take our drink order and give us menus. He starts off by saying "What do you want", so I said we would like water, and no sooner had I finished speaking, when he turned around and walked away. He came back with menus and when I informed him that the two people behind us were with us, and therefore on the same check, he took a deep sigh, rolled his eyes, and slowly walked away. Now it takes a lot to make me angry, but being looked down on and disrespected from the second we walk in the door, will definitely do that to me. So I informed him that we would be eating somewhere else tonight, and we left, and had an amazing dinner at Alioto's down the street! GooglePlace - June 2017
Carissa Launderville en
My Husband and I stayed in the area, and wanted something quick before going back to the room for the night. We ordered a tap beer, the house Cabernet, and two appetizers: street tacos and chicken anchors. Both were great!! The chicken tacos were seasoned so Well! It was the perfect combo! Wait staff was good, they did nothing that turned us off. Brick & Beam is a nice causal place for a drink and some sports. GooglePlace - May 2017
Kevin Rousseau en
Was there on Christmas Day, did a great job with less staff GooglePlace - December 2016
Thomas Quercia en
Now, you're probably here reading this because you're thinking of eating here at Brick and Beam. Maybe you're staying at the nearby hotels, maybe there's a game on, maybe you don't feel like going too far, and the other reviews haven't done their part to scare you off yet. You might be thinking to yourself "Well, it's right here, and there aren't many sports bars near Pier 39, and it looks kind of fancy, how bad could it be? Surely these reviewers are overreacting." Well let me tell you just how bad it actually could be. (There is a TL;DR at the end). This is a tale of caution, as myself and my co-workers were right in your shoes while we were here in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area. We caved, ignored the reviews, threw caution to the wind, and decided to watch Game 5 of the Warriors/Cavs finals here. Big mistake. We sit down, and were immediately greeted not with malice, but with sheer indifference, as the maître d' ignored us completely, as we were urged by a plain sign to find our own seats, which we promptly did. Ten to fifteen minutes later, our waiter came over and was incredibly rude off the bat. Explained to us why he REALLY did not feel like splitting up our meal onto separate checks, even though it WAS something that they were able to do. He so curtly put it "We'll just do whatever it is you want at the end, what do you want to eat?" Well, after that, we ordered our food from the menu, which was ridiculously pricey, but it IS San Francisco, so we just went with it. Maybe the food would be good after all! Myself and my coworker got the Mary's Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and "seasonal vegetables." $29. My other coworker got the $16 Truffle and Mushroom personal flat bread pizza, about 7 inches in diameter. Another got a $14 moldy, stale cheese platter and a $18 burger (upon which they forgot to add bacon, even though we were charged for it). Our food came out a while later as we enjoyed the game. My coworker took a bite of his pizza which he then quickly pushed it away, as it tasted like they soaked it in bathwater, which we all confirmed as we tasted it. Somehow this place made a bad pizza, which I heretofore thought to be impossible. Now back to the Mary's $29 Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, and "seasonal vegetables." The mashed potatoes were actually French fries. The "seasonal vegetables" were 4 small steamed, unseasoned, asparagus sticks. The chicken itself was more akin to children's chicken fingers. There were two chicken fingers, about 3 inches long. It felt more like a TV dinner doused in salt than a $29 meal. I sacrificed one of my chicken fingers so that my coworker could actually eat food, since his pizza was simply inedible. We thought the other reviews were exaggerating, but they were not. This is quite simply the worst restaurant in San Francisco. Do not go here. Do not drink here. It is not a good time. Stay in your room and watch the game, maybe order room service or walk to In N Out around the corner. This place is ABSOLUTELY wretched. The service, the seating, the food, all some of the worst I've ever had to suffer through. Please reconsider. Do not give these people money. I felt disgusted that I had to tip these people, they did not deserve a cent. You could get a better meal and service by eating some leftovers off of the trays people leave on the floor outside their rooms when they're done with the room service. TL;DR: Location 7/10 Food 0/10 Service -3/10 DO NOT EAT HERE. EVER. I SINCERELY REGRET THAT MY REVIEW LEAD TO THEM RECEIVING EVEN ONE STAR. I WISH I COULD TAKE STARS AWAY FROM THEIR CURRENT RATING. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED. GooglePlace - June 2016
Nerf Target en
Or waiter was not very friendly and many of our foods choices did not taste very good. The food quality did not match the price what so ever. GooglePlace - June 2016