China Fun Express / San Francisco

211 Kearny St at Sutter St. San Francisco 94108
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 20:00
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Tips from the Net @ China Fun Express
Andrew Jaru en
Nothing special. It's the kind of food you can get anywhere. If you're looking for the best Chinese food, you're better off spending the extra few minutes walking to Chinatown GooglePlace - September 2017
Skyler Campbell en
Food is great and you only pay for what you eat! The first time I went, the food was a little cold, but the second time everything was piping hot! GooglePlace - July 2017
Keith Shamma en
Buffet style chinese food. pay by the pound. must say its good food and also fun. GooglePlace - July 2017
Yevgenii Galushchenko en
China NOTFun Experience Express NEVER ORDER, unless you want some new feelings in your stomach. When I came in, I decided to get a "to go" container to fill it up with familiar food for me. My choices were chao mein, sweet and sour chicken and some broccoli. All of these I ordered a lot of times from different Chinese restaurants, so I was pretty sure what to expect from the food. After picking up all I needed I approached to a line where there were 2 more customers. One of them was arguing with a cashier trying to get a refund for the food, saying that her chicken was gross and they are trying to make people get sick! So when she finally got her refund, another lady was left in front of me. She was quite and payed for her meal saying no words. When it was my turn to pay I asked what was wrong with the order she refunded. She said that lady is always trying to get free food looking for any complaints and it's not the first time happening. I believed her and said that I'm sorry she has to deal with such rude people. So I walked out of the restaurant with a lot of Chinese food happy to try it! I decided to start with noodles. I couldn't swallow none of them!! The taste was like it have been sitting for a week under a heater. It wasn't even cooked properly, by the time when they were cooking. Wondering how many days ago they did all that food! My sweet and sour chicken wasn't even chicken!! It was empty inside so I never eaten the whole piece!!! So I ended up throwing away all my meal to a trash and getting something else from different place! I didn't want to come back and complain about their food, 5 min later after another customer did. So I decided to write this review for people who's gonna decide to try some Chinese food in Kearny st, San Francisco. Guys just keep going a few more blocks and you will find a decent place. Today let's skip on China Fun Express and give them time to do something with their business. GooglePlace - April 2017
Glenn Huang en
OK: there are Chinese buffets all over the place, but this one I keep returning to. Why? Because they have really good Chinese-American food but also some really decent stir-fried greens and char siu (BBQ Pork) that always tastes fresh (not old, a bad sign IMO). Prices too are really reasonable. Recommended! GooglePlace - March 2017