Daily Bread @ Cova Hotel / San Francisco

655 Ellis St San Francisco 94109
+1 415-563-8985
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 06:00 - 02:00
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Tips from the Net @ Daily Bread @ Cova Hotel
Mark K. Clotfelter en
Cool little shop. (even has hot coffee, and a deli in it) GooglePlace - July 2017
Toto abuhijab en
nice shop variety of products and the people working are kind and funny GooglePlace - June 2017
Chris Gallegos en
Ordered a roast beef sandwich, and ended up puking the next day. Do not eat at this place, their food is not fresh. I may have shrugged it off as a one time mistake, but the service was terrible as well. They seemed more annoyed to have a customer than anything else. Please stay away from this place! GooglePlace - March 2017
David Demers en
The most expensive convenience store in the area hands down. The owner is a total prick as well. Also these guys tend to make a habit of overcharging your debit card, assumingly because of the dishonest and short sighted idiot who owns the place. I'm a local and have spent hundreds of dollars here over the past three months and will never go back, as anyplace else within two blocks will have the same stuff but with better prices and service. This store does not deserve your dollars. Keep walking. GooglePlace - December 2016
Jackie M en
The owners here do a number of things wrong: 1) They take credit from neighborhood locals who hassle them for additional credit constantly for cigarettes and coffee; 2) have a refrigerator cooler in the back that is not even cool full of out of date warm beverages; 3) give different prices for items that are not marked with a price; 4) have way of date and, therefore, rancid potato chips and other out of date items on the shelves; 5) don't offer the same variety even of coffee--bait and switch? or just too cheap to stock a good coffee? 6) cater to strange customers like one regular who comes in the middle of the day for runny eggs, which usually smell up the store, which that customer eats near the coffee set up; and 7) offer deli items that are old and out of date and not at all fresh and don't even get weighed with an accurate scale. That's right. If you get a batch of shrimp salad or some meatballs here, you will be way over-charged. Unless, perhaps, you are one of the Tenderloin panhandlers that Bread and Butter gives credit to. Then you might be treated like a king. GooglePlace - April 2016