El Nuevo Frutilandia / San Francisco

3077 24th St at Lucky St. San Francisco 94110
Opening Hours
Sun, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 15:00
Wed 17:00 - 22:00

Established in 1974 and located on (lower) 24th street, visit our small family owned restaurant, serving delicious home-style Cuban and Puerto Rican comfort food. Discover the tropical flavors of the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico. From our crispy golden tostones drizzeled with a zesty mojo (citrus garlic) sauce to the traditional Puerto Rican Mofongo made of mashed garlic plantains, served with a tomato sofrito, the Cubano sandwich filled with our famous tender Lechon Horenado (slow roasted pork), or the crispy citrus Vaca Frita (fried shreadded steak). We have something for everyone. Buen Provecho!

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Tips from the Net @ El Nuevo Frutilandia
Steven Pepe en
Saw this on diners drive ins and dives so I always wanted to try I got the mojo marinated flank steak fried came with rice two Yuca chips and the beef. Flavors were all great I could have used a different cook on the beef they fried it which changed the texture and dried it out all at the same time when you fry something your essentially steaming it on the inside when there is nothing on the outside acting as a barrier whatever U fry whether it be meat veggie produce will dry out GooglePlace - December 2017
Leif Fortson en
Would not take Guy Fiery or Food Network's advice again. Service was not welcoming. Two tables remained open for 45 minutes at least. Finally one of the tables reservations arrived with half their party. If your entire party is not there, should not be allowed to sit. One thing I noticed, a lady that worked there made a call to someone to ask if it was ok to sit them. Definitely weird for the "front of the house." GooglePlace - September 2017
Ivonne Ortiz en
We arrived at 6:40pm and walked in. We were greeted but not guided so we decided to get a free table. When we're sitting the guy finally comes to us and says: " sorry, you can't sit there, we're waiting for a big party and will need the tables. You'll have to wait 20 min". OK. We heard good things about the food so we decided to wait. While we were outside we saw around 20-25 people going in and turned down. We waited outside by the sidewalk for 45 minutes and they never called. They lost more than 30 potential customers. We left hungry and upset. I do not recommend this place at all. I never got to taste the food but the first and most important first impression was greatly disappointing. GooglePlace - September 2017
Peter Wald en
Friendly service and excellent food. Portions are a little small for the price, but this place is definitely worth a visit. Probably my favorite Cuban food in the area. Kid friendly. GooglePlace - August 2017
Michelle Gonzalez en
This review has nothing to do with the food. We came in to the restaurant and were greeted by a waitress in a white dress standing in the middle of the restaurant watching the Warriors game. Our order was then taken by a young man who was fairly nice, but did not seem genuine at all. While we were conversing with him he cut me off mid-sentence and said, "Soooooo, do you guys know what you want to order?". There was no timing between our appetizers and the entrees making the whole experience feel extremely rushed. As we were finishing our sangria while chatting, the waitress in the white dress came to our table and slurred a few words which we could not make out... she was extremely high. As we left she tried to chat with us about that fact that the restaurant offers catering but could not pronounce simple words. If I had to judge based off of the food, we would come back weekly. If I had to judge based off of the service, I would never come back. GooglePlace - June 2017