Fisherman's Pizzeria / San Francisco

2800 Leavenworth St at Beach St San Francisco 94133
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:00
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Rob Nelson en
Went the eve of 01/02/2018; ordered a pizza. Didn't take too long. It was pretty good - not excellent, but good. They didn't have packets of Parmesan cheese or packets of hot peppers...???!!! What pizza place doesn't have the packets?? The pizza was pretty done on the bottom of the pizza - my dad said it was "burnt," but I just think it was the dough and how it was cooked. The place was pretty dirty - especially the floors. I really get a "vibe" that the owner has lost the passion for this place - they're only there to make money in a very well traveled corner. GooglePlace - January 2018
susan rader en
A lot of the items on the menu were not available, and when I asked about an item they did have, you could tell the cook didn't want to make it though. You could tell a lot of the people there had been waiting a while also, and I felt like leaving, but my kids were so hungry, I ended up just ordering a pepperoni pizza. It took a long time to get the pizza, part of the reason was the cook went outside on his phone, so nothing was getting made. When I got the pizza, it was undercooked, extremely greasy, didn't hold together well, and did not have much flavor. The server didn't speak English well. I had trouble communicating items on the menu with her from the very beginning. I had ordered our pizza to go but decided to stay and eat. I told that to the server and asked for plates. She brought me foil. I said I need plates. The cook rudely hollered, "To go orders don't get plates." I hollered back, "I'm eating it here." Ugh! Bad food, bad service, bad experience. GooglePlace - January 2018
Andrew Lopez en
Place was absolutely hideous. My group was trying to be kind and not complain about the extremely undercooked pizza , but there was one that I couldn't bare! I asked very politely for them to cook the pizza for a while longer. The pizza man then abruptly began to talk back to my whole group in a very disrespectful tone. He finally agreed to put the pizza back in. When they finally brought my other pizza back from the oven , it was burnt and stuck to the pan like I had never seen before.( pictured below). Overall, it was a nightmare . Honestly if they smiled more , stopped arguing with customers, and cooked the pizza right, it wouldn't be bad. Unfortunately poor attitudes and lack of pizza cooking skills give this place a -5 star rating . Hell of a place . GooglePlace - January 2018
R Dudley en
If you like good pizza, Don't go here. Terrible food and service. The staff argued with each other in front of customers. Pizza was garbage , they use spaghetti sauce on pizza and fake rubber cheese. Owners should be ashamed of running such an obvious tourist trap. GooglePlace - October 2017
Abigail Johnston en
When we walked in, a waitress told us to sit anywhere. When we sat down, it took over 10 minutes to get any service at all, and another 10 to even get drinks. The table next to us waited the same amount of time. They told us that they were not serving most of their menu, only appetizers and pizzas. We reluctantly ordered some garlic bread and a pizza and waited a ridiculous amount of time for it for either. She brought us the wrong drinks, but didn't come back for another 15 minutes, so we didn't have the chance to even ask for the correct ones. The garlic bread was quite literally just toasted bread with whole cloves of garlic... that's it. The pizza was barely cooked enough, slathered in glue-like cheese, and bland as could be. The service was horrible. If you are looking for a good slice of pizza after a long day of sight-seeing, don't choose this place. GooglePlace - August 2017