Golden Gate Indian Cuisine And Pizza / San Francisco

4038 Judah St @ 45th Avenue San Francisco 94122
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 23:00

The Golden Gate is a strait on the west coast of North America that connects San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. It is defined by the headlands of the San Francisco Peninsula and the Marin Peninsula, and, since 1937, has been spanned by the Golden Gate Bridge.GeologyDuring the last Ice Age, when sea level was several hundred feet lower, the waters of the glacier-fed Sacramento River and the San Joaquin River scoured a deep channel through the bedrock on their way to the ocean. (A similar process created the undersea Hudson Canyon off the coast of New York and New Jersey.) The strait is well known today for its depth and powerful tidal currents from the Pacific Ocean. Many small whirlpools and eddies can form in its waters. With its strong currents, rocky reefs and fog, the Golden Gate is the site of over 100 shipwrecks.ClimateThe Golden Gate is often shrouded in fog, especially during the summer. Heat generated in the California Central Valley causes air there to rise, creating a low pressure area that pulls in cool, moist air from over the Pacific Ocean. The Golden Gate forms the largest break in the hills of the California Coast Range, allowing a persistent, dense stream of fog to enter the bay there.

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Tips from the Net @ Golden Gate Indian Cuisine and Pizza
Irving Greisman en
Not fancy, but very good food. GooglePlace - December 2017
Olga Berezovsky en
Great place, tasty food, reasonably priced GooglePlace - November 2017
Leonard Gonzalez en
Don't let the modest surroundings fool you, the cuisine here is first rate. GooglePlace - June 2017
Jevrem Kboskovic en
The lamb biryani tasted like the lamb was a tad off. The vindaloo didnt have a very distinct taste more if judt muddling into the background and the chickpeas masala was quite sour and a little crunchy. The nan though was the worst offender with a chemical like aftertaste and pizza like bake. It was crispy on the bottom but not quite cooked enough on top. Might be a good place for pizza but for Indian food it was a fail. GooglePlace - June 2017
M. Josh Roberts en
Do you like indian food buffet? cause this one is the best. come hungry and leave elated! GooglePlace - March 2017