Gracias Madre / San Francisco

2211 Mission St at 18th St San Francisco 94110
Opening Hours
Sun 10:00 - 22:00
Mon, Tue 11:00 - 22:00
Wed, Thu, Fri 11:00 - 23:00
Sat 10:00 - 23:00

Gracias Madre is truly an expression of who we are – it represents our deep love of and reverence for food, our commitment to health and sustainability, our unconditional love for our multicultural family and community, our devotion to the Earth and the divine feminine, and our commitment to raising consciousness on the planet. It is our intention that the emphasis we place on the sourcing of our food will bring consciousness in the community to the importance of sustainability and of buying and selling locally grown organic food.

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Critic Reviews @ Gracias Madre
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Gracias Madre review: If only service were as good as food
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Tips from the Net @ Gracias Madre
Francie Smith en
TERRIBLE!!! After LOVING the Gracias Madre in LA, we were super excited to try the SF spot but unfortunately, it was very disappointing! It felt like we were in a bad, fast food joint & we couldn't wait to get out of there! First off, I made a reservation days before but when we arrived, we were told "all of our seats are communal" (even if you make a reservation). Had I known that, we would never have gone there to begin with. So we opted for the bar, which is basically in the kitchen so those seats sucked too! As for the food - the menu was nothing like the LA menu (which I found strange) but whatever, we went with it. I ordered chips & salsa & when we opened the basket of chips, there was just a handful of chips for 2 of us. When I asked if this was all we would get, I was told "that's it". So we ordered 2 appetizers (which were gross) & 2 sparkling lemonades and it came to $51. This place SUCKS & we'll never be back! GooglePlace - February 2018
Red Rain en
This is authentic vegan food! I love the creativity and flavor of the food. The staff is very attentive. The atmosphere is open and inviting. The restrooms are clean. This place is doing a good job! I'd definitely go back. GooglePlace - January 2018
James Polans en
The food here was awesome and definitely flavorful. The place was cozy and all the people working there were smiling, which gave the place a really good vibe. They don't seem to over crowd the place so it was easy to hold a conversation with someone sitting next to you. GooglePlace - January 2018
Vaughan Kitchen en
I tried a number of menu options and would have been entirely underwhelmed if it wasn't for the Eggplant Tacos. They had a freshness and richness that the other dishes lacked. Of all the things I tried they're the only ones I'd return for. Otherwise the staff were great and the atmosphere was nice. The menu could do with a bit of a refresh GooglePlace - December 2017
Charlene Zvolanek en
Even on a Tuesday night it was full at 8:30, and with a reservation for two, sat at a communal table. My dining companion is a carnivore, and was relatively satisfied, but not converted. I enjoyed the tamale with the cashew crema. The Bowl Dos was very full of spinach and pineapple salsa, but could use more rice. The guacamole was a bit bland, but that seems to be the trend in SF. The tortilla chips were nicely house-fried. I'd prefer a tequila margarita with this kind of meal, but they serve sake drinks, wine and beer. GooglePlace - December 2017