Hapa Sf / San Francisco

Mission Street 2293 San Francisco 94110
+1 415-202-6333
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Did Silicon Valley Really Kill Hapa Ramen?
Did Silicon Valley Really Kill Hapa Ramen? A Twitter-famous ramen pop-up finally goes brick-and-mortar, then suddenly implodes after four months. How did Owen Van Natta get left holding the bag? "I got into this because my w ... continue Eater SF
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Dan S en
Never had ramen that I didnt like until I came here. The pork was under cooked, egg over cooked and the noodles were red and tasted like pasta. I actually didnt finish the ramen. I understand they are trying to do a hapa fusion thing but I didnt taste anything remotely close what ramen is suppose to taste like. I do have to say that the fried chicken bun was amazing. GooglePlace - March 2015
Anton Shuster en
The spicy noodles are great. If you don't want ramen, I recommend the duck crepes. They are dope. GooglePlace - March 2015
Ken Burke en
This was truly the BEST ramen I've ever had in my life! Absolutely delicious chili noodles, a perfectly cooked egg and pork that just melts in your mouth. Cocktails and atmosphere made the 30 minute wait (reasonable for a Saturday night) actually enjoyable, too! GooglePlace - February 2015
Hugh Williams en
Underwhelming experience to say the least. Waited 20+ minutes for drinks before our waitress informed us they ran out of the beer half of our party ordered. Surprisingly this also inhibited the serving of the cocktails the rest of us ordered for an additional 10+ minutes. Meanwhile, the nice couple who sat down after us received their alcoholic beverages, a refill of them, and their food before we saw anything in our vicinity. When the ramen did arrive it was poor at best. The noodles in my hapa ramen were completely undercooked, borderline crunchy, and more so reminiscent of the $1 college variety pack instead of the $16 version we were served (+ $2 for the egg which is usually standard). The pork belly was bland and while the fried chicken was tasty, it seemed ill-suited and overly catering towards the recent American infatuation with gourment ramen. My girlfriend's miso ramen was disappointing in flavor and the complete lack of meat (which could only be rectified for +$4) left the dish feeling incomplete. The only saving grace of the venue was the quality of the cocktails. Splendidly delicious once they were served. Ultimately, its these type of venues that make the gentrification of the Mission so disconcerting. It's one thing to bring in new restaurants and shops, but when they so blatantly lack substance or flavor they simply disservice the underlying culture of a neighborhood and insult those that were pushed out. GooglePlace - January 2015
Emily Moxley en
fried chicken buns, okonomiyaki were tasty, filling, and interesting. cioppino ramen was pretty missable and bland. really good beer list & cocktails. GooglePlace - December 2014