In N Out Burger / San Francisco

333 Jefferson St btwn Jones & Leavenworth St San Francisco 94133
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 10:30 - 00:10
Fri, Sat 10:30 - 00:13
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M Marcos en
Excellent price and pretty tasty! Order the secret menu items such as the 4 by 2 (4 patties and two slices of cheese) animal style and well done fries animal style as well yo get your items with a special sauce. Also, You can up the flavor by asking for any burger mustard grilled. After cooking the first side, the cook will squirt some mustard onto the top of the patty before flipping it so that it sizzles into the meat on the grill. It's so good. Or protein style if you are on a diet. GooglePlace - March 2017
Bernard Chiu en
Gotta have a meal here whenever I'm in San Francisco. Fresh ingredients, delicious burgers! The fries are bland compared to other burger joints, but I like it this way here cos of the freshness. Be prepared to queue and wait, line clears quite quickly. Tables for big grps might be an issue during peak dining hrs. GooglePlace - March 2017
Melanie Tam en
I finally got to try In-N-Out burger after years and years of hearing about how great it was. And first, to answer the age old question of In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack, it's going to be Shake Shack for me. Since my friend and I wanted to try some seafood along Fisherman's Wharf, we decided to share a double double and animal style fries - in order to avoid feeling like greasy bears afterwards. The burger was pretty good, but not great. Maybe it's because I was already subconsciously comparing it to Shake Shack right after I took that first bite. It actually reminded me of a Double Stack from Wendy's. I did not like the Animal Style fries. This might be because they got cold really quickly. The cheese was not melted, so that, combined with their special sauce, made the fries kind of chunky. Not very appetizing. Also, seating here is pretty hard to come by. It would be nice if they implemented a system where you could only have a seat once you get your food, but I really doubt that would happen , since it's a fast food joint. It takes 2 minutes to put in your order, but 15-20 minutes to actually get your food. They also have seating outside but sit at your own risk, as you will be attacked by pigeons. I would still go back to In-N-Out and try it again next time I'm in the West Coast. But I probably wouldn't come back to this location. GooglePlace - March 2017
Paul Webb en
it really is simple, if you want a good tasty burger then this is the place to go. No frills (although the lettuce wrapped burger is superb & different!), no fancy this that and the other...just simply burgers and fries and they are good at it. Their burgers don't have that plastic after taste you get from Macs, or that over done feel to them. Fresh, tasty, hot and filling. We loved our visit to in-n-out and will return when we come back to San Fran. GooglePlace - January 2017
Humberto Dubay en
I love their strawberry shake! I don`t like strawberry at all. but this shake is so good. I've been reading about people asking for a veggie patty and it would be nice kind of like how they do.. Although i really enjoy the grilled cheese even without a patty! I love it! GooglePlace - November 2016