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SFMOMA 151 3rd St San Francisco 94103
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 16:00
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In Situ Opens for Dinner This Week
In Situ Opens for Dinner This Week Plus, a talk about climate change, free Outside Land tickets, and a temporary dearth of pastrami SOMA— In Situ, chef Corey Lee’s edible exhibition in the form of a restaurant, is no ... continue Eater SF
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Steven Chang en
If you're a foodie you'll love the concept of this Corey Lee resto. The dishes can be hit or miss at times but, overall, there are more highlights than downers. Five stars considering creativity, relaxed atmosphere, fun staff and being able to sample great dishes from famous restos around the world. GooglePlace - September 2017
Donald Dewar en
Lovely food, but comically small portions. The impeccably polite waiter said the "Apocalypse burger" probably wasn't a good choice for sharing. Indeed. I wasn't sure if it was a joke when it arrived because the burger was exactly one inch across. Not so much unsuitable for sharing as gone in a single mouthful. A delicious mouthful, I admit, but there's a line between edgy, concept food and taking your customers for a ride. At $14 for the mouthful, I went home hungry, and feeling I had been scammed. Other dishes were similarly tasty-but-tiny, except the exquisite desserts, which rather showed up the rest of the menu. I loved the food, but couldn't get over the bitter aftertaste of feeling exploited. I won't be going back. GooglePlace - September 2017
Carmen Hejazi en
Avoid this place at all costs. Staff is incredibly rude and can not hold back their hostility literally. One of the servers insulted my mother by mimicking her hand wave thinking she was flagging him down. She was waving at her friend who was looking for our table, I could not believe that actually happened, in an upscale restaurant of all places. They think it is acceptable to add a 20% gratuity after serving 2 glasses of wine. They already made their money so they feel that it is fine to treat their guests poorly. The hostess also completely ignored our presence when we walked in we should have left then. I wish this god awful horrible parody of fine dining would shutter immediately and something, anything else would open in it's place. They really need to get over themselves. The food (tiny hamburger really?), ambiance and decor is awful. This is seriously the worst restaurant I have ever been to. GooglePlace - September 2017
Matt Ronda en
The menu was creative - I like the concept. Very interesting options from all over the world. Everything was prepared OK but not great, and the service was a bit slow. Standout dish was the cheesecake dessert. GooglePlace - September 2017
Allison Moule en
I came away from my lunch at In Situ today both angry and hungry. First, I had a hard time finding anything gluten free. I settled on carrot salad and "shrimp grits". The carrot salad was delicious but I was served only a miniscule portion of it. Less than one carrot. The "shrimp grits" was a puddle of baby food, about 1/3 - 1/2 cup only. There were no shrimp! A tiny bit of shrimp had been ground into the grits. It was tasty but this did not make a meal. The whole meal was about 100 calories. ABSURD. I ordered a glass of rose wine -- and that too was a substandard portion: about 3 fluid ounces. I've been to dozens of Michelin-starred restaurants and never felt cheated before. My meal came to a ridiculous $53 (the wine was $13) for what amounts to a snack. Go ANYWHERE else. GooglePlace - September 2017