Kyu Sushi & Robata / San Francisco

639 Post St Taylor San Francisco 94109
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 15:00
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 17:30 - 21:30

At Kyu Sushi & Robata, we pride ourselves with high quality fresh ingredients, friendly services, beautiful decor, and stunning food presentation. We believe that the definition of good food does not start and end just on the taste bud. We believe that delicious food is a combination of everything that is wonderful around you until the moment you taste the food. We aimed to bring you wonderful food experience the moment you walk through our door. Our ingredients are fresh daily, and our chefs are extremely passionate about quality. Please come by and give us a try, so we can show you the level of passion and quality we represent.

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Tips from the Net @ Kyu Sushi & Robata
Johnny Wang en
New ramen joint! Dropped by with two of my friends a few weeks back, ordering the spicy tonkotsu and some chicken and rice dish that was NOT the chicken donburi I originally ordered. On the particulars, the noodles they use are of the thinner variety, but with a good consistency and texture, and the soup broth was pretty solid as well. On a more general note though, the food that Fujiyoshi serves up all tastes a little different than one would expect of a particular dish: the ramen's chashu pork tasted more Chinese than Japanese, and the soft boiled eggs and the chicken rice were surprisingly sweet (a little too much mirin, most likely). Is that necessarily a bad thing? Depends. If you're looking for traditional Japanese flavors, then yeah, it is. If you don't mind a different take on familiar dishes, then sure, give this place a shot. Am I planning to go back? Unlikely, because I do prefer my Japanese food to taste the way I expect, but who knows - I'll give these folks 2.5 stars for now. ***Accessibility Info*** Venue - A bit on the small and narrow side: you have booths running down the left of the restaurant, and a bar counter down the right, with a narrow walkway in between, that's just wide enough (and then some) to fit a wheelchair. I seem to recall a post at the end of the tables as well, so you aren't able to scoot in all the way either. Bathroom - Didn't check them out. GooglePlace - June 2016
Marina L. en
Love this place... you can taste the handmade noodles...... I love the service, food and spirits in this place. So coming here again my love GooglePlace - August 2015
nicole streib en
stopped by on my lunch break. good/fast service. good food. enjoyed the experience. GooglePlace - April 2015
Nick Scherzer en
Tonkutsu ramen was perfect. Beers were cheap. There is nothing to add/improve about this place. Great eats. GooglePlace - October 2014
Jamie Evans en
Perfect, authentic Hakata ramen. Very affordable. Love it. GooglePlace - August 2014