Las Margaritas / San Francisco

2801 Leavenworth St San Francisco 94133
Opening Hours
Sun 11:45 - 21:30
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:45 - 22:00
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Shane Marquez en
This place had mediocre food, and charged 8 dollars for a "9 oz margarita" was a small tumbler glass about4.5 fingers tall... MORE LIKE 5 OZ... mediocre good and overcharged drinks. GooglePlace - August 2017
Brandi Teague en
Stopped in for a well advertised margarita only. It was not worth our time. Plain jane, sweet and sour mix. GooglePlace - August 2017
Evan B en
Traveler from out of state. Was craving a bite after walking around and my family had the misfortune of running into this sorriest excuse for a Mexican restaurant. Please listen to other honest reviews and avoid this place like the plague. You will literally find better food at taco Bell. Six people in our party and we all hated our food. The shredded chicken and beef in our burritos were bland and dry. The cheese quesadilla had such a small amount of cheese that we actually couldn't help but laugh. The very small portions of rice and beans on my plate looked like they had been plated first thing in the morning-- dry and bland. I challenge you to find a Mexican restaurant anywhere that has the audacity to put peas and carrots in their rice. See my picture for how disgusting and old the peas were. I understand that we're in a tourist area and we weren't expecting the most authentic food, but when they nickel and dime you at possible moment you should expect decent food. They charge $6 for a side of guac, $2 for a side of sour cream, no free refills on soda, ect. Absolutely ridiculous. The only positive of the trip was the fact that we waited 15 minutes for one of our burritos (everyone else was finished with their meal) and the waiter ended up comping that meal. Also, the margaritas weren't half-bad. The entire experience was so horrendous that we all have just ended up laughing off the whole thing. Please save your family's hard-earned money and find a restaurant that takes being a restaurant a lot more seriously. GooglePlace - July 2017
Johanna Brown en
Good service. Food is fair. Prices are ridiculous for what you get. No free refills on soda. GooglePlace - July 2017
Michael Cabrera en
This place was horrible. Ordered beer and everything is in bottles which was okay but the glasses given are dirty and scratched in rings around the glasses. The food was VERY average at best. Same appearance and taste has getting Mexican from a food truck that pulls up to construction job sites, I know this because I'm a supervisor for a construction company. This place doesn't belong in the wharf. Need to use the restroom? Go ahead and take the key card zip tied to a receipt slate and venture around to get to it located in a separate building. The staff are young and have the body language of "damn people just showed up and I guess I have too serve them". Staff was sitting at the bar eating with apron on bull$hitting. So I read through reviews about over charging and whatnot and decided to try it based on several good reviews. And guess what... I should have listened. The guy either can't add basic math with a calculator or tried ripping me off. I learn toward the rip off bc I seen him punch in the numbers. When I brought it to his attention he was rude about it and seem inconvenienced. Bill was $53 and he tried me at $70 even. Anyway I took pictures incase I had to dispute with the bank and he lost his tip entirely. Wouldn't eat here if they even tried to make it right and said I could have all you can eat and drink. This place sucks and this is the worst review I've ever made. I'm usually pretty positive about reviews. Heed the warning. GooglePlace - April 2017