Le Marais Bakery / San Francisco

2066 Chestnut St at Steiner St. San Francisco 94123
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 07:00 - 19:00

At 18th and Sanchez in Castro and 2066 Chestnut in Marina, serving breakfast, brunch, on tap coffee and beer, cocktails, croissants, pâtisserie, and cakes!

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Henry en
As you can probably gather from the other reviews the service here is terrible. Patrick, please do something about it, talk with your employees. I live a couple blocks down and for the past 3 months have come here 2-3 times/wk in the morning thinking that it'll just take time for them to get to know me and have that friendly neighborhood vibe. I get the exact same thing, a chocolate croissant warmed up, every time, tip well, and they never mention seeing me around or remember my order. They give me this look when I ask for it warmed up like they can't understand that someone would want a warm pastry and are annoyed they have to walk 5 steps to put it in the oven. Maybe that's too much to expect, but based on the other reviews, seems like they're just purposely rude. Also the tables are often dirty with a majority still having the dishes from previous customers so you have to move them to another table or clean it up yourself. The one guy who's there is alright and I'm thinking I'll only go in when he's there, but really, in line with the dumb Uber fiasco, I should just stop patronizing places with a**holes, even if I like their chocolate croissant to emphasize service is important. Very sad the panotiq down the street closed. GooglePlace - August 2017
Olivier meersman en
Staff rather rude, too expensive (pay for refill if cup was half full - $4.5 for a bad hot chocolate), not the cleanest of places, croissants too greasy. San Francisco deserves better... GooglePlace - July 2017
Kate DeWald en
Great location and that's about it. This is for the Castro location. I've tried coming a few times as I wanted to give it a chance. After today I won't be back. The coffee - not good and incredibly expensive. The pastries - the same. The service ranges from bad to utterly awful. They sat us at a dirty table then the waiter put down dirty dishes when he went to give us menus. We had to get someone inside to come out and take our order. The food was awful, very stale. Then when it finally came he hands us the check and says they're closing soon and we need to cash out. I would not recommend this place. GooglePlace - July 2017
Cristina Tularak en
I've eaten outside here twice now and the food has been delicious but my lower number of stars is for the very slow service. The second visit we literally waited approximately 45 mins - 1hr before getting to order. Both times I have sat for at least 10 before even being acknowledged and given a menu when they know I am there as I have talked to them. Not sure I will go back based on knowing this now. GooglePlace - July 2017
Nutrition Consciente en
Came to the place in the middle of the afternoon yesterday hoping to grab sandwiches (I had checked their website menu just before). The waitress was rude and impolite, she mentioned no sandwiches were prepared past 2:30pm. Such cold welcome did not inspire us to stay for anything else. We just left as quickly as we came in. I believe Service should be key in places like that... GooglePlace - May 2017