Lori's Diner / San Francisco

900 N Point St San Francisco 94109
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 08:00 - 21:00
Fri, Sat 08:00 - 22:00
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Tips from the Net @ Lori's Diner
David McDaniels en
Was here from New York and hit about all of the big breakfast spots in the city. Let me tell you Lori's ranks supreme. Great food and homey feel. The service was fast and came out on with beautiful display. Our waitress was delightful (Suzie) This is a San Fransico must for any tourist or local!!! A+++++ GooglePlace - August 2017
Marla Rose Fajardo en
A certain Alexandra As was our server (#42). I was there with my 8 of my friends , she was impatient in getting our orders. She showed her rudeness when we decided to pay individually which means she has to give us receipts individually. She was non stop verbalizing her annoyance and even accused one of us of not paying. When we showed her the receipts she found out that she made the mistake. Wow! She shouldn't be working in a customer service! That was the only regrettable part of our San Francisco experience! GooglePlace - August 2017
Mayette Trudeau en
Never again will I go to Lori's Diner! We were treated horribly by server Alexandra As 42. There were 9 of us that decided to eat at this restaurant on the 4th of August. The place looked welcoming and seemed like the food was good. In short we were served in a timely manner. Then it was time for us to pay. Alexandra asked us how we would like to pay and we said it will be separate checks which she agreed. So we all lined up to pay, going smooth until she was down to last 3. I could feel she was getting into an attitude, she was insisting to my friend that she had to pay for 3 chocolate drinks. So I butted in as she was gonna keep on going and told her that there are 3 of us left and each one of us was going to pay for a chocolate drink. And with an attitude she said"That is why I don't like separate checks. I should have said no". Now this really irritated me because she was doing this in front of other diners. So I told her that we are customers and that we have the right. She answered back "No you don't!" I could not believe her mouth so I blurted out that this was crazy. Her come back was "You don't know how crazy it is to work in a place like this. You don't understand!" I realized it was no use arguing with this server ,so I told her that we meant to pay our bills or We could have just walked out. She said "And you would too". Unfortunately, the manager was not around that time. The assistant manager could not do much but gave us phone numbers of the owner and manager. I tried contacting them but have not been able to get through. Alexandra, you obviously don't know what a stressful work situation is. I am an ER nurse, I deal with stress at the highest level but I don't treat my patients the way you treated us at your diner. The food was not good, the service was even worse!!!! GooglePlace - August 2017
Kallen Hatch en
Party ordered two salads. Came after about 20-25 minutes and they weren't even busy. Some people that came in after us got food first. Staff came over maybe once to check on us, get refills. But! My Caesar salad with chicken was the best one I've ever had. Wow! GooglePlace - July 2017
Alyssa Frazier en
I've been to this Lori's location a few different times as I am a huge fan of good old American diner food. The food is okay, typical diner stuff and prices are high, as expected in the city. Two reasons I'm only giving them two stars... One they don't offer a children's menu. For a restaurant that seems to be very child friendly, why wouldn't you have a children's menu? No one wants to buy an adult sized plate of chicken strips for 13$ for a child who will only end up eating a few bites of the food. The second reason is because the last time I went the service was pretty sad. I've worked in food service before so I understand how difficult it can be but I this last time I was pretty much ignored. Had a infant and a hungry 2.5 year old with me and once we were seated, no one came to greet us for over 10 minutes. No drink order. No apology. Nothing. After seeing a server come to greet two other tables clearly in the same section without saying anything to us, I packed up the kids and left. You should always greet a table right away, even if just to tell them you will be with them as soon as possible, but when someone has children, it's even more important. We are in this area often but probably won't ever visit this location again. We ended up at the BBQ place on the front side and we were served promptly and with much tastier food. The view is really on reason this Lori's is worth a visit in my opinion. And the milk shakes, those are really good. GooglePlace - April 2017