Orphan Andy's / San Francisco

3991 17th St at Castro San Francisco 94114
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David Wong en
Server and staff were very friendly and accommodating to my preferences when I last dined at sun rise. Good comfort food will draw you back to this place time and time again. GooglePlace - February 2018
Tail Gayt en
I sat there for 20 minutes waiting for someone to take my order. I was asked to move to the counter and "Jason" would take care of me. Waited. Waited. Waited. A couple walks in and gets seated. A waiter takes their order immediately. I walked out and went to Harvey's...now that's a restaurant with equal and great service. GooglePlace - February 2018
Ian Williams en
Excellent service. Excellent food. Awesome location. Small footprint with only one table large enough for 5 people. A city diner done right! GooglePlace - January 2018
Bob Hole en
Mixed service but usually pretty good. Most of the food is good. What I haven’t liked was probably my tastebuds. The kitchen is usually fast. It can get crowded, to the point of a wait even for counter service. It’s a small place. It is a greasy spoon, and is what it is. If you’re in the Castro it’s almost a must-try. GooglePlace - January 2018
Alicia Madonna en
Absolutely the worst diner experience ever. I was excited to go to this little 24 hour dinner while visiting but the waitress was absolutely rude and aloof to anything going on around her. We walked in before a lot of other customers yet we were waited on after them and our food sat on the kitchen window for 10 minutes, untouched . We asked for a different coffee, because our was burnt, and when we called for the waitress SEVERAL times, loudly, she continued to ignore us completely. Others around us already got their food and when we asked the chefs if we could grab our food off the window, the waitress snapped on us, yelling at us and telling us to leave. We sat there stunned, wondering what to do. We then watched her pull our food off the window and onto the counter, clearly with no intent to give it to us. We left pissed and embarrassed. Horrible experience. GooglePlace - January 2018