Rainforest Cafe / San Francisco

145 Jefferson St Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco 94133
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:00 - 21:00
Fri 11:00 - 22:00
Sat 11:00 - 23:00
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Tips from the Net @ Rainforest Cafe
Joe Ison en
I have been to the one at Disneyland in Anaheim which was great. This one a similar atmosphere but the service and food where far from good. Our order took 45 minutes my wife's med rare steak came out like a hockey puck and my plate came out without the shrimp. We sent the steak back and I had to point out my missing shrimp. My server said "oh ya I think your right" about my missing food. As far as my wife's steak the manager came out with a properly cooked steak, but had to stand over her while she cut into it. Making us feel uncomfortable. Made us feel like we where unreasonable for wanting our food cooked to what we asked for. We where charged full price for everything and not offered any comp on anything. So our server had to pay the price so we comped ourselves with his tip he would have gotten. GooglePlace - July 2017
Nicholas Jones en
This restaurant used to have an amazing atmosphere and great good. Sadly the food is extremely underling for what you pay for and the staff is friendly but the service is mediocre at best. The quality of the food for what you pay for is really inexcusable my wife's shrimp tasted like it was cooked refrigerated and then reheated for plating, my daughter s Mac and cheese were just noodles, common guys you messed up Mac and cheese? For two entries and a kids meal for 80 bucks, wow. I don't even mind paying 80 bucks but serve food that's edible. I'm sorry this place prolly won't see my service again which is sad I used to really enjoy this place. GooglePlace - July 2017
Holly Arp en
We thought it was going to be delicious. Because the chef came out to speak wirh us personally on a menu that my daughter could eat. That was awesome. But when the food arrived and my daughter took a bite of her food a long hair she continued to pull out of her mouth. My son in laws taco salad was ground beef fried no seasoning. My clam chowder bread bowl had so many red onions in it, like he just took a 1/4 cup and dumped into it. And the toasted the bread so it just crumble. No dipping pieces in sauce because it was so hard and dry.. Very disappointed for $98 bill. The manager did take her $16 off price . GooglePlace - July 2017
M D en
Rainforest Cafe is very fun, but there were balloons popping every couple minutes last time we went. They have been a long-standing business, but some of the animals don't move and it needs an update. After waiting and entering the second level, there's usually several open seating areas which I don't really get. Very pricey, but worth it for a fun themed experience! Really wish they stay open for years to come! GooglePlace - July 2017
Priscilla Reyes en
We had such an awesome time! The managers took extra precaution with my wheat allergy and made sure my food was not exposed to wheat by cross contaminated. The manager Mauricio took the time to come to my table and talk to me about my allergy which I was so impressed by. Out of all the restaurants I have been to, this is the only restaurant that took extra precaution with my allergy. I'm so thankful! We had excellent customer service. Mauricio has such a happy personality and we left feeling highly satisfied, happy, and smiling. Thank you rainforest cafe SF!! GooglePlace - June 2017