Roe Nightclub And Lounge / San Francisco

651 Howard St at Hawthorne San Francisco 94105
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Tips from the Net @ Roe Nightclub and Lounge
Stephen Schur en
My feelings on going back to Roe vary between "Once more unto the breach" and "Once more into the fray". There are many breaches of hospitality and it's a challenge to converse above the fray. In the spirit of existentialism, I'm going back tonight. I'll test my ability to not eat the food (easy) andto avoid the mixologists (also easy). If I had to pay for this incivility, I'd subtract a star. Once more unto the breach of ettiquette, dear friends. GooglePlace - June 2015
Justin Dela Cruz en
Strangely, the least crowded bar in the area on a Thursday night. Foursquare - January 2015
Nick Brady en
They overcharged my tab by 39 dollars. Really? GooglePlace - August 2014
Tyler Harding en
ROE is sleek and cool on the surface, but its pretty bland overall. The live DJ is a good touch, but the service was so-so and all of the small plates are just overpriced fried food (for the most part). Parking nearby is difficult, too. GooglePlace - October 2013
Enayat Katouli en
This club has the worse services and respect for customers. On June 28th at midnight, my friends and I , a group of 11 people had a a reservation for 8 people. some of us arrived earlier and my friend and I arrived a few minutes later, a "door man" name Jim ( a big fat guy) did not allowed us to get in and asked for $20 cover charge. We did not have a cash and they did not accepted credit card either. We asked if one of us go in and get some cash from friends inside, but he Jim- the door man) rudely said " I am in charge in here and you can't get in and we do not go find them either, we said , but its my friend birth day and the owner of the club knows about her birthday , he was very rude and disrespectful and constantly mentioned that" he is the one who makes a decision " we called our friend' s telephone and finally my friend came to the door . After my friend mention the owners wants us in this guy Jim shouted at me : " HEY GRANDPA' " HEY YOU" HEY YOU guy with The hat... ". in a very condescending way : HEY you?? get in. I felt very insulted in front of my friend and confronted him by saying : did you just called me names?? He also said to the other doorman : YA , they are friend of "THAT CHEAP RUSSIAN BLONDY ".... He was so rude and aggressive filled with anger and constantly continued insulting us by his gesture and word that we did not know why he is doing that except w all believed that he suffer from lack of education. He ruined our night and all my friends came out and we left the club . When we were leaving he was laughing with his co worker . I am hoping that the owner of this business read this and I ll be more than happy to refer him to all my other friends at that night about this door man and his personality and the way he treated us as a customers. I am a business man also and I know how these people effect the reputation of the business. We will never go to this club and will not recommend it to any others. GooglePlace - June 2013