Saigon Sandwich / San Francisco

560 Larkin St Btw Eddy & Turk San Francisco 94102
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 07:00 - 17:30
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Tips from the Net @ Saigon Sandwich
Albert L. en
Little Saigon in SF is filled with plenty of Vietnamese cafes and restaurants. This shoebox size place with two seats is all you need to know. Not exectly in better parts of SF, but if you ever find yourself short on cash, then head on over. Older grannies are at work here, so give them some time and respect their efforts. They're in by 7am daily prepping for the day. Sometimes lines stretch OTD more than a dozen people waiting. Best to called ahead and have correct change ready. Once they hand sammie over, they'll toss funds in a unorganized money tray. There's no time to pull off gloves just to hand change back. On this recent trip, I've discovered there's a twenty-five cent price hike across the board. Not saying that it puts me in financial difficulties, but what it means, is that small mom and pops have to adjust to meet the changing neighborhood. Sammie was full of meat with veggies same amount of veggies to balance out. At four bucks, for a authentic Vietnamese sandwich is worth beyond it's price. GooglePlace - June 2017
Yoyo Zhou en
The sandwiches at this hole-in-the-wall are fantastic. Give your order to the lady who takes them rapid-fire, then wait for it, and pay when you pick it up. No seating. GooglePlace - June 2017
Pearson Brennan en
Quintessential bahn mi. First bahn mi I ever had came from here back in my culinary school days. I think they cost $2.00 back then. I think they cost around $4.00 now. Pretty damn reasonable​ if you ask me GooglePlace - June 2017
Riam Chantree en
Amazing banh mi. I always make a stop when I fly to the Bay area. That bread alone plus the sauce and the right texture with the combination filling. Makes me wish I was in SF right now GooglePlace - May 2017
Carol Porter en
Saigon Sandwich Shop makes delectable, crunchy, spicy (you control the level) roast meat sandwiches on fresh French rolls for exceptionally affordable prices. They also offer a nice assortment of other Vietnamese food and treats. They've been around for many, many years -- a testament to their quality and value. My family picked up sandwiches from Saigon Sandwich Shop often when we lived in San Francisco. When we moved from San Francisco to the peninsula, we stopped at Saigon Sandwich Shop every time we visited the city -- despite the difficulties of parking in the area. On occasion, we craved the sandwiches enough to make a special trip. It's well worth it! My favorite is their roast pork sandwich prepared their usual way. GooglePlace - March 2017