San Tung Chinese Restaurant 山東小館 / San Francisco

1031 Irving St btwn 11th & 12th Ave San Francisco 94122
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 21:30
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Tips from the Net @ San Tung Chinese Restaurant 山東小館
L Baranda Larin en
The featured items they're know have continued as has the quality of these. Some of the other items are not quite on par. For example they're known for chicken wings, string beans & dumplings. These are consistently well made. The mixed vegetables & chicken chow mein we also ordered were pretty bland & veg were overcooked with way too much corn starch. The other issue is they're way understaffed & though the one server tried hard to keep everything going, it was just too much to take orders, serve & bus everything. They desperately need more help. GooglePlace - December 2017
E M en
Overpriced, but really good. They get so busy that they forget to check on you. The demand is great. That's why they act that way. They're going to get theirs no matter what. Taste 10 stars, service 1. 🙃 GooglePlace - November 2017
Dee nSF en
2 minute wait and a shared large round table, with another couple, enjoyed the leek dumplings, the sticky sweet fried chicken wings, and the green beans! Honestly our luck was a matter of timing, the first waiting group had been seated and we came slightly after - sometimes this works and at other times there are 2 seating groups waiting for the doors to open. The space next door which I'm told serves the same food, was 80% ready to take the overflow, whenever that was needed. If I end up there, I'll share that experience as well. GooglePlace - November 2017
Mac Vey en
San Tung is all about the dry fried chicken wings and the sauteed string beans in my opinion. Chicken wings are crunchy and sweet. Sauteed string beans are hot and just the right texture. There is most likely always a long line but it's worth the wait. Remember to put your name on the board near the door and TAKE A PICTURE after you write your name. Shady people erase the names on the board and then you'll be SOL and gotta wait in line again. Trust me on this, happened to me tonight but I had a picture and kept my place next in line. Watch out for DOLLY.... GooglePlace - November 2017
Emily Chea en
Not much I can add to the other reviews but this is a great spot for some good wings, noodles, and dumplings. I'm loyal to the original San Tung but ST2 is also fine for the staples. We always order the same couple items: dry fried chicken wings, dry black bean noodles, green beans, dumplings, and maybe the giant potstickers. Service is friendly enough and efficient. Peak hours will give you a long wait. If you have 6 or more people, they may allow you to make a reservation. GooglePlace - October 2017