The Eclipse Kitchen And Bar / San Francisco

5 Embarcadero Ctr in Hyatt Regency San Francisco San Francisco 94111
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 06:00 - 00:00
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Tips from the Net @ The Eclipse Kitchen and Bar
Jim Barcelona en
Meet other depressed & boring people from out of town, or local husbands cheating on their wives with professional sex workers. Foursquare - July 2017
Kaitlin T en
Get the cocktail, Karl the Fog! Presentation (with real smoke, meant to simulate fog) is just so cool, and the drink itself is excellent. Basically a smokier whiskey sour. Foursquare - February 2017
Deebra Rogers en
Was staying at the hotel and ate at the Eclipse and their sister cafe The Market. Food for the most part was good. Prices a bit high but you are in a hotel Eclipse Kitchen & Bar - Had breakfast buffet twice. I do not eat pork and they were able to accommodate me by having these delicious chicken sausages made to order. Dinner- I had been here before and thought the small plates were good. This time not so much. We had a bit of everything. Things to note: Chicken wings tasted frostbitten. The sauced covered it a lot but the taste was still there. There was also a piece of hair in the second order of pot stickers. Ruined how delicious it was. Everyone enjoyed the pizza and shrimp though. The Market - Had room services two times from here. First time, turkey sandwich, matzoh ball soup but broth was more of a consomme, not very hardy. Would not order again. Second time, 2 orders spaghetti and meat balls from kids menu, grilled cheese and some other things. It was tasty. Craved the spaghetti the last night. Found hair in my spaghetti and got a tummy ache after. For a pregnant woman, this was worrisome. Their kitchens, I assume, are shared. They should reevaluate how hair is covered. GooglePlace - January 2017
Daina Eve Olson en
I had a salad and a few fruity cocktails, and I really enjoyed all of it. It is a little pricey, but certainly not overly so when compared to most hotel bars. The staff is the best part of this bar - they are so friendly and fun to talk to, and they're extremely willing to accommodate any request. GooglePlace - November 2016
Rodney S en
The only eclipse to see is my bloated belly covering up the rising sun. We're talking total eclipse, baby! Eclipse Breakfast Buffet/ $28.95 During my business trip to San Francisco, my stay at the Hyatt Regency included breakfast buffets at Eclipse Kitchen & Bar. Located in the world's largest hotel lobby, Eclipse Kitchen & Bar boast seasonal, locally-sourced food on their menu. This includes cage-free eggs, hormone free milk & naturally cured bacon. Being in a hotel lobby, a high price tag is du rigueur, but at Las Vegas buffet level price of admission, let's see how Eclipse' breakfast buffet measures up. Deli meat- Being a highly enthusiastic carnivore, the deli meat were what I gravitated to the most. The prosciutto was mouth-pleasingly tender & the Genoa salami unctuously salty. But, the one I really piled on my plates every morning was the smoked salmon. Sweet, oily & melt in your mouth, I was correct in not bringing fish oil on my trip, as I managed to pack away a pound of salmon to start my days every morning. Another great dish on the buffet line was the baked corned beef hash. I don't partake of corned beef that much, so this was quite a treat. The crumbs on top provided a wonderful crunch with each bite of oily corned beef. Eggs benedict- Can't be considered a fancy breakfast place w/o eggs benedict! These more than held their own, as the eggs were cooked correctly. The usual breakfast buffet suspects were well represented. Steel cut oatmeal, an endless mound of naturally cured bacon, scrambled eggs, huevos rancheros & pastries of various ilk. Dessert options had fresh, seasonal fruit & parfaits. Coffee and/or orange juice are included with the buffet. I simply chose seltzer water w/ lime, as OJ gives me GI problems. Service was good. The buffet was constantly stocked with food, and our plates were cleared in a timely manner. Plenty of seating, which I usually chose by the food. Hey, easy access! The Eclipse Kitchen & Bar is located in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero. While I enjoyed the food & service at Eclipse Kitchen & Bar's breakfast buffet, at almost $30 before tax & tip, I wanted more. Granted, it's in a swanky hotel, but I'd have expectations for more swanky eats for the pricepoint. I'm glad it was included with my stay, as I didn't go hungry. In fact, I probably ate enough calories for 3 people after each meal. GooglePlace - October 2016