Thoughts Style Cuisine Showroom / San Francisco

139 8th St San Francisco 94103
+1 415-252-7919
Opening Hours
Sun, Sat 11:00 - 22:00
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 11:00 - 15:00
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Critic Reviews @ Thoughts Style Cuisine Showroom
Thoughts Style Cuisine Showroom Intends to Be a 'Fashion Showroom for Food'
Thoughts Style Cuisine Showroom Intends to Be a 'Fashion Showroom for Food' AKA: a restaurant. Most chefs approach opening a new restaurant based on a certain cuisine or style of food. With the newly opened Thoughts Style Cuisine Showroom in SoMA, chef/owne ... continue Eater SF
Tips from the Net @ Thoughts Style Cuisine Showroom
Rick Doty en
The dish I had (can't find it on their online menu) was watery and not particularly flavorful (was supposed to be a green curry-type). Only been once so can't speak more generally about their food. Service was good. Style of the place is fine - but I didn't think particularly remarkable. GooglePlace - July 2017
Farah Maloof en
They were totally out of chicken on a Friday evening and didn't tell us until we went to place our order. The Pad Se Ew was covered in pepper and over spiced. The shrimp dish had nice flavor but arrived with just 4 shrimp. They also let a homeless person come in and out of the restaurant twice for glasses of water while we were dining. Do not recommend. GooglePlace - June 2017
Sang Kancil Guru en
Here are my thoughts of this place: Avoid. Bad food. Ordered the chinese broccoli or kai lan with pork belly. The worst kai lan with pork belly at a Thai restaurant I have had, and I have had this dish at numerous Thai restaurants throughout the years. The dish was borderline unedible, very salty, there was no taste except saltiness, and the pork belly was not crispy but tough to munch on. This place seems to be all style, as its name implies, but no substance. Miss the Brazilian Bossa Nova place that used to be at this shop before this place replaced it. At least the previous establishment had edible food. Will not return nor repeat again. So there you have it, you now have my thoughts (pun intended) of this style over substance place. GooglePlace - June 2017
Christian Sonntag en
The place is nice and the idea of an all white restaurant is great but the food was tasting old and not fresh at all. We had three dishes and two of them tasted really old and the rissotto also tasted like it was prepared yesterday. It really started when we sat down and the table was sticky and a little schmutzig. Stay way. GooglePlace - June 2017
Ceasar Bautista en
Food is solid, if sort of expensive. Decor was strange, trendy but so cheap that it felt gross. Foursquare - April 2017