Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar / San Francisco

950 Mason St The Fairmont San Francisco 94108
Opening Hours
Sun, Wed, Thu 17:00 - 23:30
Fri, Sat 17:00 - 00:03
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Critic Reviews @ Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar
The Tonga Room, Thursday, 10 p.m.
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Tips from the Net @ Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar
Sean Proctor en
Awesome tiki style restaurant and bar. Been around for 70+ years. Lots of restaurants and bars have come and gone in the Fairmont but The Tonga Room remains. Live music in the middle of the raining lake in the middle of the restaurant. Very cool. GooglePlace - July 2017
Carrie Mizejewski en
Such a fun place. Our food was excellent, atmosphere was wonderful....loved the thunderstorm and rainfall - never experienced anything like it. Wait staff was extremely professional, on par with upscale service. A couple was dancing on the dance floor when we left, very sweet all around. GooglePlace - July 2017
Paul Motz en
The Tonga Room is fantastic! You go there for the room's decor, fruity drinks and then in a distant third, the food. This is one of the places that is price inelastic. They could charge whatever they wanted to and people would still fill the place since its atmosphere is so good. GooglePlace - July 2017
Hitesh Sharma en
A very "San Francisco" experience with a pool in the middle of the bar, which has rainfall and a band that were in a boat type area, which comes out from the rear and into the middle. This is later in the evening. Great! Bar Staff seemed to be a bit stuffy as others have mentioned, but otherwise a fun night. We also went during the happy hour 5-7pm where the drinks are priced lower. GooglePlace - May 2017
Jenna Luvin en
Do not host a private event here! They are not flexible with timing (even if the bar/restaurant is completely empty as it was). Two of our largest clients were told to wait outside even though there were empty tables in the restaurant that they could have sat and had a drink at separately. I had also called ahead letting them know our meeting had ended early and guests would be showing up 45 minutes in advance. They told me there was nothing they could do even though they were completely empty. In addition, they failed to keep our area a private event and outsiders were drinking on our tab (we rented out the bar at a $2,000 fee), they were unable to clarify how they calculated our group size yet charged us the maximum our contract would allow, the food and service was horrific - I could go on. We selected this bar because its historic and we had international guests. We knew the food here was terrible and drinks were over priced, however I wish we went elsewhere. It was not worth the headache. GooglePlace - April 2017