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401 Columbus Ave Columbus and Vallejo San Francisco 94133
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Our Restaurant Trattoria Pinocchio is owned and run by Giovanni Zocca and his wife Maria and their daughter Sophia Zocca since January 2001. Giovanni learned to mend fishing nets with the fishermen at an early age in Sicily and they would give him fish to bring home that his mother would show him how to cook. That is where he developed his love of cooking. He had a love of the water which was right across the street from his house that was in Trapani Sicily. The fishing harbor and fishing markets of Trapani were around the corner from where he grew up. Giovanni Zocca arrived from Sicily in New York when he was 17 years old and eventually headed toward Monterey, California to live amongst the Sicilian immigrants. He fished in Monterey bay for squid and scuba dove with Jack Coustoeau’s son and eventually went on to fish on Alaska and work on restaurants of Monterey CA, in the off season. Trattoria has many specialties. Our menu is very large as we make all the tradicional dishes and have a 100% Angus beef steak, filet mignon, lamb, veal and chicken. Fresh salmon and whatever fish is in season as well as many kinds of seafood. We make thin crust Italian Pizzas. Trattoria Pinocchio’s specialty is homemade pasta, we make the fettuccine, the gnocchi, 5 types of ravioli and 2 kinds of lasagna, vegetarian and meat. Also we make the parppadelle pasta. Giovanni also makes the pesto which is fantastic to watch, as he brings 10-20 box’s of basil and everyone pitch’s in to separate the leaves from the stem. Giovanni also buys all the products at the markets and he has his own vegetable garden in his backyard when it is season. Giovanni is full of life and entertains his guests with his fabulous voice as well. The guests have a lot of fun!! The restaurant is very beautiful and it was built new in 1997 with a beautiful granite bar that seats about 12 people. The interior of the restaurant seats aprox. 80 people and outside there is a room for apro. 50 on one side and 16 seats in the front of the restaurant. We always have the Italian and Sicilian music playing in the back ground for your enjoyment. Please let me know what else is important and that I may help you with. We would love for your group to come an experience Trattoria Pinocchio and Giovanni Zocca and our family. The waiters speak Italian which gives you a real feel of Italy.

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Ernesto, Ernie Biera en
The pasta and wine were excellent. Our waiter ignored my girlfriend and could not break a $20. GooglePlace - November 2017
T Mont en
Nice little stop good food great staff. Pizza was great, lots of options. Great spot to people watch and have a Morretti! GooglePlace - September 2017
Bill Wray en
Fabulous food from fabulous people. You must try the balsamic marinated Portobello mushroom salad. Oh my God. GooglePlace - September 2017
Lance Robinson en
Do you want great food or a great atmosphere? What if I told you you could have both? After walking San Francisco looking for a quality happy hour to enjoy, I built up an appetite. I saw this quaint establishment on the corner and I thought, "Hell yea!" Let me tell yall. The only thing I hate about this experience is that I went by myself. The food, wine, and dessert would've guaranteed a baby being made that night. My server was attentive and beyond polite. The fettuccine salmon was superb. I recommend this for dinner, because lunch would have tired throughout the day. GooglePlace - July 2017
Nadia Shenasi en
This place is THE BEST!!! The service is not bad , but the food is worth it!!! The tortellini bolognese and lasagne are amazing!! And this is coming from someone who's been to Italy several times Foursquare - July 2017