Canlis / Seattle

2576 Aurora Ave N Seattle 98109
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 17:30 - 22:00
Fri, Sat 17:00 - 23:30
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Tips from the Net @ Canlis
David Turk en
The experience was amazing, I'll be giving it a second shot at some point. The view is spectacular, the service is among the best I've ever had, and the ambiance was perfect. I had literally the best Old Fashioned I've ever tasted (3 of them, actually) and the Canlis Salad was incredible. The deserts and appetizers were on point and they paired well with the coffee. The thing lacking, and why I almost give this a 3 star, is the main course. The filet I had (while cooked to a perfect rare/medium-rare) was paired with jalapenos, which completely overpowered anything in the meat or the rest of the dish. The steak itself wasn't great, and tasted USDA Choice or lower quality. The pork and fish were similarly disappointing. If the main courses of Canlis were brought up to par with the rest of the experience this place would be something to behold. Go here for the experience and the cocktails, don't expect the main course to blow you away. (Note I did not pay the extra $105 for the A5 Miziyaki beef) GooglePlace - December 2017
Jonathan Sparks en
The food is close to being impeccably great; so much so that I ordered a lot of food and drinks during my first visit. The menu has so many wonderful selections. The atmosphere is enjoyable, and the service reasonably good. GooglePlace - November 2017
Dan Balaban en
A night to remember, that much is for certain. This restaurant exudes perfection in so many aspects. From the stunning views, to the impeccable service, and exquisite flavor combinations - you can't help but look back on the experience as just that. An experience through and through. Certainly you pay for such a night, but if you're looking for a special place to celebrate an occasion, or just want to be taken care of in every regard, you can't go wrong booking a reservation here. Word to the wise - be sure to give a solid month at the very least before the intended date to get the date/time you want! GooglePlace - October 2017
Christopher Snyder en
Tasting menu was rather poor. First two dishes were a crappy salad and beets. Only one dish besides the deserts was exceptional. Cocktail was good but way overpriced. View is wonderful and staff is very friendly. I bet the regular menu is better than the tasting menu. GooglePlace - September 2017
j spensley en
From the start, at reservation, the experience was fantastic. I have never had such a great experience just making a reservation. The whole experience upon arriving to departing was such a stellar representation of what guest service is, only one-upped in every single possible way. The staff seem to innately know what you need or want before you do. Even watching the staff interact with each other was amazing. Very little words between them, they function like a well tuned machine. They just seem to mesh so well it is hard to see a flaw, so I saw none. The meal was totally unexpected. I knew it was going to be good, but this is really next level here. I can't even remember what I ate, what it was called. All I know, and my fiancee' agrees, the flavor and tastes were in the territory of " I didn't know food could taste this way" and " flavors I never knew existed". Even if you have dined at other fine dining, you must go here. GooglePlace - August 2017