Dick's Drive In / Seattle

115 Broadway E btwn E Denny & E Olive Seattle 98102
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:30 - 00:20
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Tips from the Net @ Dick's Drive-In
Todd Spamk en
Hot and tastee! Wow! Sometimes I go here cause I am hungry sometimes cause I am looking for a fun bite! My son loves their milkshakes and I do too! Always fun to see other people here! GooglePlace - February 2018
Amy Soto en
Marginally decent food. The hamburger I ordered was a very greasy cheeseburger but after the long line, I just scraped the cheese off. Fries were super greasy and soggy, no surprise after I saw an employee dump 2 previously scooped bags of fries back into the fry tray. Strawberry shake had no strawberry flavor. Not sure what the big deal about this place is, other than being open at 1am after concerts. Won't go back again. GooglePlace - February 2018
L Turner en
Prices are amazingly cheap! 2 cheese burgers, 2 fries, 2 shakes and a drink under 20 bucks! Wow. The food was pretty good. No customization. It really doesn't need it. The fries were terrible, tasted old and soggy. Everything else was delish (for a roadside dive). It doesn't deserve the hype it gets...like most everything else in Seattle. Funny was the manager kept telling customers to move over so that he could yell out the window at a man who was harassing customers to buy him a "deluxe". Seriously, he kept walking up and down asking recovery person numerous times to buy him food. Then standing around. Extremely uncomfortable. The area is generally sketchy anyway, this made it that much less fun. GooglePlace - January 2018
Quentin Ergane en
Approaching the line, I heard a loud voice saying, "You're a racist!" I looked around to see who was saying it and what was happening when a young black man was suddenly in front of me. Noticing the question on my face, he explained, "They just asked me for crack!" I gave him a pained sympathetic look, I've had this experience too. Then I said, "Jesus!" Then we shared a look of understanding and he was gone. Part of the ambience of the Capitol Hill Dick's is the people around the place. Not only customers, but panhandlers, transients and the general passersby the swirling carnival of late night neighborhood life. Today, I noticed that I did not recognize anyone working. A new crew, learning the tried and true business practices that have made Dick's the cultural icon it is in Seattle.I knew I'd be tested with the same respect and consideration as any other customer because I've been that young man. Yeah, this is what I thought about as I thoughtfully chewed my two of my three cheeseburgers... which I highly recommend. GooglePlace - January 2018
Beerdrinker 420 en
I think it's cool they get paid $16/hr starting, even though everything went up in price about 50 cents. At least I know these people can support themselves. $16 is barely enough, but it's enough πŸ‘ Of course the burgers πŸ” were great as always. This is my first time at this location, I have been to the 45th location but even that has been nearly 5 years. One thing i noticed, the fries 🍟 are quite plain....did they not used to be salty, or, am i simply misremembering? Or did they try to "go healthy"? Also, the strawberry shake tasted almost like a vanilla shake...barely a hint of strawberry flavor. But, the burgers were terrific. πŸ˜‹ Maybe next time ill ask for a salt packet, and order a sundae or cone instead of a shake. πŸ‘ GooglePlace - October 2017