Dick's Drive In / Seattle

111 NE 45th St btwn 1st Ave NE & 2nd Ave NE Seattle 98105
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:30 - 02:00
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Tips from the Net @ Dick's Drive-In
Kathryn DiFoxfire Wilson en
FAST service. Yummy food. Low cost. Very limited menu leads to food sometimes being delivered to counter before I had even finished paying. Ice cream and shakes are also yummy. Only wish they had seating. It is eat standing in parking lot or in sitting in your car. GooglePlace - July 2017
Cameron Lowell en
As long as you set your expectations right, in that it's a cheap and no-frills burger, then this place is good. One of the best late night options and the prices aren't horrible. The burgers are as basic as it gets and while many people seem to like it, I can't honestly say these burgers are very good. For me it's more about the experience of warm late night drunk food with friends. GooglePlace - July 2017
John Forrest en
For what it is, the food is great. I live in walking distance, so I often just walk down for an ice cream cone. I love how they have recycling and compost bins out front (with most of their materials compostable). When I'm in the mood for cheap, fast-food burgers, I simply get the regular cheeseburger. The cash-only policy is annoying, and it is made even more annoying by the staff asking for ones and giving you grief for handing them a twenty. They know they are cash-only, so why don't they prepare for that by having a large amount of ones on hand? Edit: 5 years later, they now accept cards, so I've bumped my review to a 5 star! I now find myself going much more often, such a good move! GooglePlace - July 2017
Matt Templon en
Great place for a burger on the cheap. No need to go deluxe unless you are missing your veggies for the day. Highly recommend a cheeseburger (or two), fries and a vanilla shake. It's extra for ketchup (5 cents) and there isn't much seating, a bench or two. Lines can be long but they go quick. Feel free to sit in your car and eat as many people do it. GooglePlace - June 2017
Matt Perrone en
This Dick's is always busy, most of the day from open to close. They get through the lines really quickly which is great, and they take credit cards now! Always a fan favorite of getting some tartar sauce with your fries. All burgers come premade, no special requests - please don't be that person as we all have seen asking for no sauce or extra lettuce. Good price too for good quality burgers, fries and shakes. GooglePlace - May 2017