Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant / Seattle

600 Pine St in Pacific Place Seattle 98101
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:00 - 23:00
Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:00
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Tips from the Net @ Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant
Tom Warner en
Don't order pizza here. Got the first one wrong, then burned the second one. Tasted like a boxed pizza you would buy at the grocery store. Over priced... Caeser salad was good, beer was good, $18+ for a glass of wine? Are you kidding me? It was LaCrema for goodness sake... GooglePlace - July 2017
Cats & Dogs en
Service is great I will be honest with you. But it seems like they change the menu and the food quality is not consistent. We were there in February to celebrate a friend's birthday. I love their apple cider slaw and chocolate lava cake. So so delicious! So I decided to celebrate my birthday there in May. Chocolate lava cake is gone 😭 Their apple cider slaw is a sloppy mess, it's not even the same ingredients anymore. Straight out of a precut slaw pack from Costco. And this is the first time I see a restaurant serving bell pepper, zucchini and onion as "seasonal vegetables ", I laughed. And their root beer used to be handcrafted, still said so on the kids menu, but now they are serving root beer in a bottle from Safeway. My husband likes the beer, but they will not serve the same size on all the varieties of beer they have due to different alcohol content. For some reason my husband was refused to be given the same size of two different beer even though they are marked as having the same alcohol content on the menu. I think the management need to step up and catch up with all the changes, also the misprint on the menu. GooglePlace - May 2017
Brandy Wilmoth en
I've been coming here for years and they are honestly hit & miss with the food... When the right cooks are working, they have some of the best food in Seattle but other times you may have to ask a manager to make it right, which they are always happy to do! I receive great service 9.5 out of 10 visits. They switch the menu up often so don't be surprised if your favorite item is gone & you'll have to try something new. This will always be one of my favorite places down in Seattle, if only they would validate parking, I might go there more often!! ;-) GooglePlace - April 2017
Olga Kozinskiy en
Extremely fast service... especially for how busy they were. The food was incredible. Definitely try the bratwurst sliders. Perfect blend of flavors and the texture is amazing. Also, it's not messy like you would expect with a bratwurst. GooglePlace - March 2017
Marva Bright en
This places would and should get 5 stars for food and maybe service but there was a problem. My sister and I arrived on our way to the Paramount for a show. We wanted lunch and it was early so we decided to go to the bar for quick service. But we end up really waiting a long time for service and if we had been watching the time we would not have ordered. But we did, my sister ordered the bacon burger and I ordered calamari and a glass of wine. We waited for a long time for our food and I realized we had to leave quickly to make our engagement at the Paramount. I asked the waiter for the check and a to go box and handed him my credit card. As I was eating and boxing up my food I saw a strange glimmer in the food, it was a metal piece that had been fried up with the calamari. I showed it to the waiter and the Chef came and spoke with me, he handed me my card said they covering the cost of our food. That was helpful but tossed mine (can't eat calamari with strange things in it. But my sister ate 1/2 of the best hamburger she had in a long time. Oh, the wine was good too. Over all it was a scary experience because of the metal in my food but the management was kind and understanding, a real first. I will give this place another try in the future... they have a great burgers and fries, beware of the calamari! GooglePlace - March 2017