Metropolitan Market / Seattle

2320 42nd Ave SW at SW Admiral Way Seattle 98116
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Sarah James en
I love this store because of the section of everything. BUT, every time I have to check out my experience is dwindled down to mediocre. Because every checker looks like there's a gun to their head. I recall only one time a checker smiled and greeted me. 👎 It sucks! I go only once every few weeks. GooglePlace - April 2018
Liz Nason en
Best place to shop for food and wine. Do not want to cook they have you covered with a variety of hot meal options. Then there's the chocolate chip cookies. Warm out of the oven. GooglePlace - April 2018
Miranda Gomez en
I had never been to this one or any other one before besides the Met market in Tacoma which I lOVE and go to as much as possible. I was shocked by this store's appearance because I had assumed it being in a metropolitan, bigger urban setting versus little ol Tacoma it would at least look up to par with Tacoma's but it didn't! Yes, the outside looked great, the inside had nice finishes in places but the layout was horrible. The produce and fresh fruit were much smaller in numbers and lacking that aesthetic, beautiful and creative arrangements the Tacoma store does. It looks the same size as Tacoma market but the layout makes it feel all squished and small. I'm used to a spotless, amazing deli with quick service but this deli looked like a high school cafeteria and I honestly could not believe this store was so much worse. There were way less options, especially like no grind your own PB or bulk chocolate covered gummies. All the bread at the bakery was super hard but they did have some tasty little fruit tarts. The girl cutting cheese was not helpful or friendly. I'm still in shock at this store. GooglePlace - April 2018
Brandon Mayotte en
Great place to get produce, but we usually avoid the meats. It always looks good in the case, but when you get it home it usually requires more prep work or the meat just isn't... Good. We have had bad ribs, steak, brisket, and chicken. We have taken to weekly trips to DDs North or Seattle for our meat. GooglePlace - February 2018
Marge Evans en
you know you are made of money when you can just casually toss items in your cart without checking the price. that being said this has got to be the premier grocer in Western WA. Everything is top notch. unparalleled customer service. the fastest check out machines what is not to like? GooglePlace - February 2018