The Crab Pot / Seattle

1301 Alaskan Way at Pier 57 Seattle 98101
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:00 - 21:30
Fri, Sat 11:00 - 22:30
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Tips from the Net @ The Crab Pot
Arun Prakash en
A warm & wonderful experience at CrabPot one fine afternoon. After browsing through & indulging in Black Friday deals, we wanted to indulge in some good food as well. Hence decided to visit Crab Pot as it cone highly recommended not just for its food, but for the whole experience. We ordered a couple of drinks and ordered our exclusive Crab & Salmon Combo for 2. While our friendly stewardess got us prepped for what’s to come, by lining our entire table with butter paper sheets, a mock paper apron & some tools for breaking our Crab real bad. Oh, almost missed it, we were served a bread loaf, & butter to get some carbs to burn some calories when the Crab arrives. Very soon we were shocked to see a huge portion of Crab appendages & a few salmon chunks on a skewer, poured directly over our table, with a few cups of clarified butter. We upped our ante, wire our aprons & started beating down the crabs & excavating the fresh beautiful flesh inside. I loved them just dipping in butter & devouring them, but they tasted just as nice with a few drops of salt & pepper seasoning. The salmon too was very fresh & lacked any additives that could have altered the flavour. A great meal, tiring efforts to get the meat out, but it was well worth it, both the food & the experience. The downside, however was my clothes & me were smelling of seafood & they both needed a wash before a lovely dinner, well, that’s to come in my next Review. GooglePlace - February 2018
Bbeuniepie en
Food was good. The biggest problem I had was that the receptionist told us it will take about 15-25minutes wait to get seated and we ended up waiting for more than an hour. I think they only did that so we would stick around for the hour. It’s understandable its a hyped restaurant and I would have happily waited for an hour to try it out. I just didn’t think it was adequate to lie about the wait time when clearly there was a big line outside. Not happy! GooglePlace - February 2018
Elizabeth Dare en
Food is always good but the service that night was horrible. You can't make reservations so there's almost always a wait. Which is usually fine because it's worth it. But it's not worth it when the hostess is just horrible. I was finishing up shipping next door and my roommate went to see if they called our table. Apparently they wouldn't seat him till I was there, even though I was the one who put my name down. They have no singe saying they won't seat until your entire party is there yet she was just being so rude about it even after seating us that she pulled our waitress aside for gossip (probably about us). And most of the staff was standing around watching the football game that was on. I'd understand if it was the hawks but it wasn't so it just created a huge annoyance for people trying to actually work and guests who were trying to leave. GooglePlace - January 2018
Ron Mckenzie en
We got the feast type meal with mallet and crab. The clams and muscles were all over the table and got cold before we could eat them. Everything was very bland. Bread was stale and had to actually ask for another even though they seen me chewing the rock like heel. Way over rated and priced. Guy was nice but way to busy. Got sat in the back near a outside door that workers were in and out so much we had to wear our jackets. Was a fun experience for 1 time only. Spent nearly 200 bucks 2 adults 2 kids 2 drinks and 1 beer. GooglePlace - January 2018
Tiema Qian en
"I know they are small but they look delicious" That was what the waitress said when she served the oysters. I hope half dozen oysters can be larger, even give us 8 of that size will be more acceptable. We said it was so small that six of them contain what 2 regular size oysters contain, and she said "but they are delicious aren't them." We later went to the pike street to get some oysters shooters because we just like oysters. The Crab cake looks different as it was before. I don't think I will go there again, before today it is what I will have whenever I have friends come to Seattle. GooglePlace - October 2017