The Fisherman's Restaurant & Bar / Seattle

1301 Alaskan Way On Pier 57 Seattle 98101
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:00 - 21:30
Fri, Sat 11:00 - 22:00
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Ray Adams en
One of those places you keep coming back to. Because of excellent food. Service. View. Because of the overall experience. Oh. And I am from Los Angeles, not Seattle!! GooglePlace - October 2017
DAVID Chandler en
The employees here were extremely rude to us, including the hostess who informed us that we would not be allowed to sit inside anywhere with a nine month old? We wanted to grab some drinks and a hamburger, I think all she heard was that we were there to grab some drinks and assumed that we were being cheap? She told us we had to sit outside in the sunlight, as many other people joined us? Almost all of the other people we're treated the same way. When we decided we wanted hamburgers, we were rudely told by the bartender that we could not have hamburgers outside. They said and I quote if I let you do it everyone will want to do it! There were probably five or six parties a four or more people that were cast outside the restaurant onto wet chairs end tables with no service. I want to make this absolutely clear, we wanted food, however we wanted to have a drink first like most people do. We were told the child would not be allowed in side? I think because we said we wanted to have drinks first and then eat after a few minutes, that made the decision to not tie up someone's station with people who were going to have a big check in the beginning? I have been in the business before and I know how the system works. Please don't write me and make excuses, your employees are extremely rude. We were there on Sunday around 2 p.m. The bartender at that time took over 15 minutes to get a drink from. All we had was a jack on the rocks, a whiskey sour and a Cape Cod. When we went back for seconds and to try to get food is when we were told we couldn't have food. We were never offered a table inside. I also wish to make this perfectly clear, there were many parties treated just like us... I am a local and I am embarrassed that such poor service and attitude was offered to my out-of-town company and family. I will not be returning and I recommend that people steer away from this restaurant. I know we are just one of the masses and because of the view people will probably keep coming there even because the service is terrible. But seriously come on guys? GooglePlace - October 2017
Alex Russell en
Flew in from AZ and drove up from Portland for a day trip to visit relatives from Canada. Beautiful location and horrible service. My aunt ordered mineral water and thought there was gas in it. When she told the waiter she wanted it with gas and after some back and forth (yes with the waiter) he replied "its gas water not mineral water, big difference" and walked away. When explaining a dish he had to look at the menu to tell us what was in he menu. There was a bus boy or something standing around, doing nothing, for maybe an hour as our table was so filled with food plates and glassware that we couldn't find space for our hands on the table. After asking someone to clear the table it took two bus boys two trips to clear all the clutter! We asked for a new glass for water and the glass that was brought out had lemon inside (it was dirty)!? Multiple eye rolls and condescending talk. It was absolutely crazy. Again, horrible service, lazy workers, untrained, a disaster! GooglePlace - September 2017
Peter Johnson en
I will never go back to this place.Worst service ever!!!People at this place really need to get trained again. I felt very uncomfortable eating at this place and it was embarrassing that i had to take my friends to this place when it's their first time visiting Seattle. Fries were overcooked,and the food had too much salt and butter that we really had to drink so much water after..No friendly smile and we just felt really unwelcome . GooglePlace - September 2017
Jennifer Burlington en
Tourist spot, but lots of outdoor seating. Very pricy for underwhelming food and service. Foursquare - September 2017