Bakfickan / Stockholm

Jakobs torg 12 Stockholm 111 52
Opening Hours
Sun 12:00 - 17:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:30 - 22:00
Fri 11:30 - 23:00
Sat 12:00 - 22:00
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Tessa Eihausen en
We had high hopes based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, but we were very disappointed. We ordered the steak tartar and the fried lamb sweetbreads in hollandaise sauce. The steak tartar was, quite frankly, the worst I’ve ever had. The meat was absolutely flavorless and ground into a near-purée—absolutely not the quality I would have expected for the 255 kroner we paid. The fried sweetbreads were small and few, and the hollandaise was, in a word, subpar. In addition to the mediocre quality of the food, the prices were quite expensive. We paid 450 kr for the two of us, eating the two plates described above and drinking nothing but the free water at the table. Everyone labels this restaurant as “cosy,” but honestly, it’s just cramped. Furthermore, the staff is brusque and inattentive: I tried to call over our waitress for a full 10 minutes before she even acknowledged me. Seriously, this was such a disappointing dining experience. Do not recommend. GooglePlace - December 2017
ABN522 en
Swedish Meatballs were delicious and tenderloin steak was good. Seating was limited and demand was high. Open seats were hard to come by. I would eat again! GooglePlace - November 2017
Julien Danjou en
Excellent restaurant for classic Swedish dishes. Service is friendly and helpful. Good value. GooglePlace - October 2017
Very nice place. Good food; all the classics plus the daily specials. Helpful waiters. Not cheap but not super expensive (in line with Stockholm prices) GooglePlace - September 2017
Allen Yu en
Poor customer service. Rude servers! My wife and two kids were walking by and decided to try out the restaurant. A gentleman that walked right up to the door in front of us, he was immediately attended to and led to a seat. We waited for awhile and finally an older customer at a table near us, decided to speak to the servers to inform him to seat us,. He spoke Swedish to the server so I am not sure what he said, but he looked at us and smiled and nodded and pointed for us to go ahead. When the server finally came, he asked us how many and then decided to tell us that there were no seats (outside was full but inside there were seats) and it was best to go next door, their sister restaurant. They would have seats for us and they serve the same menu. So we walked next door and went in. The 2 female servers in white were busy chatting among themselves and when one of them saw me waiting, she just kept chatting with her co-worker. Finally I just went up and interrupted their conversations, since they were not busy serving others or busy 'working'. I asked them if they have seating for 4 and I was referred to them by their colleague from next door. The lady just told me that they did not have seats because the seats were all reserved at 2PM. (Keep in mind that it was not yet noon-time and there were plenty of empty seating). So the lady told me to go back next door and they will seat us. So we walked back and I tried to talk to the initial server that told us to go next door. He saw me coming and he tried to play "busy" and walked away. I chased after him and told him that I was told to come back. He had no choice so he decided to seat us inside - which had plenty of empty seats in the first try! So while we looked through the menu, the servers did not come to assist in any way or shape. We tried to flag down servers but they either pretended we did not exist or continue doing what they were busy with. Keep in mind that this was a small restaurant and there were only 3 servers in this restaurant and we sat next to their kitchen. Finally flagged down a young server to help us and he was professional through out. The food was not bad but seriously it took forever to get service. So at the end of the lunch meal, I decided to personally tip/reward our young server that provided professional service while everyone else was just rude, lazy, and non-existent through lunch. GooglePlace - July 2017