Del Mar / Stockholm

Allmänna gränd 2 Stockholm 115 21
mmm ?!?! 81 votes
Tips from the Net @ Del Mar
AnitaLBlomdahl blommans en
The Riverdance GREATE! 👍👏🏻 GooglePlace - September 2017
Mats Pettersson en
The tightest and most accustic concerthall in Stockholm GooglePlace - September 2017
Jakob Ågren en
Less space that you'd expect, think economy class long haul feeling, but that does allow them to fit a lot of people in there. Unfortunately that also mean that they dont have the time to serve the upsells they have for the break. I'm sure this is an historic venue, but other than that, the Circus has nothing to speak for it. Can not recommend. GooglePlace - May 2017
Ronja Elida Ongstad en
Went here with my friends to see TATINOF in December. Loved the show and the venue was perfect! Sat at row 15, but still had a great view over the stage, and sat comfortably during the entire show. Staff was friendly and handled the huge crowd professionally. Great show in a great venue! GooglePlace - February 2017
Peter Karlsson en
Watched Phantom of the Opera. Besides the show the bar, coat rooms and toilets where nice but not able to host allot of people. You go somewhere else for the post show party. GooglePlace - January 2017