Primo Amore / Stockholm

Scheelegatan 20 Stockholm 11228
+46 8 651 28 30
Opening Hours
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 11:00 - 23:00
Sat 00:00 - 23:00
Tips from the Net @ Primo Amore
Malin Andersson sv
Mysigt, med trevlig personal. Pizzan var god och pastan gudomlig. GooglePlace - April 2015
Ewan McIntosh en
Really good pesto chicken linguine. Lovely service. None of the 79k house red left so I get the premium one for the same price. Foursquare - October 2013
Bostwick Cunningham en
My fiancee and I ate here during holiday. We both ordered a variation of pasta. We both regretted our decision to eat at Primo Ciao Ciao (somewhat). At first things weren't so bad. We ordered pasta. The pasta seemed ok, but soon after my initial ingestion of the meal I discovered a terrible secret... there was a vast reserve of precious oils at the base of my plate. My pupils dilated as I gazed upon the vast ocean of grease my pasta sat upon, and my synapses began firing as I realized the pasta served as a rudimentary strainer for everything below it. I saw no less than 10dl of pure oil in what appeared to be an ill constructed quarry. I tried to power through, wringing dry individual pieces of pasta in attempts to salvage the dish, but I was... not strong enough. Trying to save the pasta submerged in the oil was ultimately futile. It's life had been extinguished by it's cruel master through methods of violence and oil infusion that sting to even think upon. It sat limp, cold, and drowned under a standing puddle of mysterious fluid. In the end the oil became too much, so I did what any sensible human being would do. I drained the oil (I opted not to use the pasta to strain, it had been through enough) and saved it for experimentation. Knowing the secret to this lost treasure became a new life goal. Through much scientific research and analysis I later found the oil was quite useful for hunting. I was able to dip arrows into the oils, and tested them on wild boars. Upon contact any life-force contained within the animal was drained. It was dead in seconds. Using my trained skills of deduction, I can only postulate that the highly advanced immune systems of the human race saved my fiance and I that night. Though the food was crafted by an evil, torturer of pasta, I was able to improve methods of hunting wild game through my efforts, and thus advancing the technology of the human race by enduring Primo Ciao Ciao. Be grateful citizens of Earth, that you did not have to endure Primo Ciao Ciao. As I have seen the horrors of this business, and they are not kind. GooglePlace - August 2013
Jenny Carlsson pt
Mycket väl godkänd! Foursquare - February 2013