Sture Compagniet / Stockholm

Sturegatan 4 Stockholm 114 83
Opening Hours
Thu, Fri, Sat 22:00 - 03:00

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Tips from the Net @ StureCompagniet
Fabio Isler en
Totally loved it! Nice location, awesome music! It's a bit pricey tho, but not more than in other clubs. GooglePlace - September 2017
Guy Robert en
Super awesome! I was there last week and partied hard, but unfortunately forgot my camera bag and charger after a job. I was freaking out and thought it was gone forever, even though it would, hopefully, appear at the Centralstationens Police Lost and Found, but I just went up Thursday night, kindly asked a guard whom escorted me to the DJs both, and Bam! Everything was there waiting for me! Great Ckum, Great Service and wonderful Guards. Big Thumbs Up 👍Thank You! GooglePlace - September 2017
Yeşerin en
Never go there! Not a safe place. The security guy kicked me out saying that I sat at a reserved table which had no warning at all! I have 3 huge bruises on my arms because of his brutality. Foursquare - August 2017
Yeserin YILDIRIM en
Never ever go there! Not a safe place. The security guard kicked me out of the bar without a reason. Their excuse was that I sat at a table which was reserved without any sign or warning at all! He dragged me like a bag as if I am a criminal. I have three huge bruises on my arms and shoulder because of the brutality. I think the actual reason was that I was not ordering more drinks. I had such a trauma that I will never forget. Going there is wasting your money to get beaten. GooglePlace - August 2017
Alaa Hawsawi en
Complete tourist trap, full of fake people, expensive as it is, because once labeled "fancy". I wasted three hours of my life here... Trust me, I have been everywhere in the world, and this club complex is a sinking ship NYC GooglePlace - July 2017