The Secret Garden / Stockholm

Kornhamnstorg 59 Stockholm 111 27
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:30

Secret Garden står för kärlek och respekt och det avspeglas i vår trevliga personal, våra gäster och i vår meny. I lugn avslappnad och rustik miljö kan du njuta av vår fina meny och våra smakrika viner. Secret Garden välkomnar alla öppensinnade till en lugn och hemtrevlig miljö mitt i Stockholm. Vår mysiga innergård i riktig Gamla Stan-atmosfär är unik och en lugn mötesplats för alla som vill andas ut i den stressiga storstaden. Vi har öppet från klockan 12.00 till 03.00 sju dagar i veckan. Detta gör oss unika för er som vill ha en lugn stämning i våra underbara nyrenoverade lokaler. Välkomna!

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Jacqueline E . H Lodge en
Friend of mine almost didn’t come in because of his name. The guard had a look on his ID (his last name is Abdul) and said “this is a gay club” my friend kindly, but a little taken a back, said “I know” and the guard pointed away from the club and said that he should go that way instead. Very hostile. It was humiliating to watch, and my friend had never felt so offended before. If anyone else has had a bad experience with the short, bald security guard, please speak up and let’s have this racist man removed from this place. GooglePlace - October 2017
Ari Kemppinen en
We just had to rush in from outside, luckily it's really warm inside. Vegetarian options available. GooglePlace - October 2017
Fadi Okka en
Well i always enjoyed this place, and i go there very often, but after i got kicked out just coz a "new guard" decided that I'm too drunk... He refuses to say why im too drunk! I was just sitting peacefully! And he threatens to get more security guards to force me leave, Maybe he's too excited to kick people out! Im so disappointed afterall :/ GooglePlace - October 2017
Alex Söderlind en
Very nice atmosphere, good prices and friendly staff. Good for after work and chill before gradually turning in to a night club in the night. GooglePlace - September 2017
Stanislav Ivanov en
I have never thought it is possible to go to a gay bar where the personnel is hostile towards its guest just for the mere fact they exist! Well, it happened. Every time I go there, I either get yelled at from the personnel, yes, you read it correctly: the security or the bartenders, or they threaten to kick me out! Everything seems to irritate those people, from ordering a drink to using the WC. I had friends visiting and I thought it might be fun to go there as I havent been for a while. I went sober on Saturday with 3 friends and we shared 1 bottle of wine. Then we ordered a second one. The bartenders yelled at me that the transaction did not go and made me try to pay it again even though I showed them that it went in my mobile banking! Shortly after one of the guards came to one of my friends and told him he is too drunk. My friend had literally 1 glass of wine and was sitting on the table having a pause from dancing, but the guard decided he is too drunk. We were extremely shocked with my friends and we left shortly after that. That is for sure the last time I am going there and they should rethink their overall policy there how to thread customers. I of course tried to talk to both the security guard and the bartenders. The security guard said he was convinced (how?!) that my friend is too drunk, the bartenders told me they cannot do anything as they are not the same firm as the security guards. No need to say I am never taking nobody else there ever again and that I will advise everbody I know NOT TO GO THERE. GooglePlace - June 2017