Hokkaido Ramen Santouka 山頭火 / Vancouver

1690 Robson St at Bidwell St Vancouver V6G 1C7
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 23:00

The Perfect Temperature for Delicious Soup Ramen Santouka on Robson Street opened its door on February 26th 2010. Since then we have served over 140,000 customers who have a sophisticated taste and high expectations for ramen. As our motto “The Perfect Temperature for Delicious Soup” expresses that we put serious efforts into our soup. That does not mean soup gets all of our attention. Excellent customer service, friendly and enjoyable restaurant atmosphere as well as perfect food safety have always been our principles. To prepare our mild, pearl-colored Tonkotsu soup, we take the time to slowly simmer pork bones before adding vegetables, dried fish, kelp and other special ingredients. We value the exceptional flavor and aroma of our signature soup and ensure that boiling does not diminish it. Although some of you may believe that the soup may not be hot enough, we purposefully maintain the soup at its optimal temperature to best preserve the flavor to be enjoyed thoroughly.

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Tips from the Net @ Hokkaido Ramen Santouka 山頭火
Terry White en
Delicious tsuka-men and kimchi. My favourite in Vancouver. The kimchi was the best I have had in years. GooglePlace - December 2017
Anaëlle Paul en
My favorite ramen in Vancouver so far. The broth is delicious. The meat could be a little more tender but it's still good. The gyoza are very good as well! It's always busy but the waiting line is never too bad and the service is quite fast. GooglePlace - December 2017
Alexandra Kitson en
Really good, especially the broth. However, the pork was fairly tough. I was hoping for more tender meat. GooglePlace - December 2017
James Lamers en
A great ramen place. Friendly staff and quick service. It's fun to sit at the bar and watch the cook's prepare the soup. You could easily be in and out of there in 10 minutes if that's what you're looking for. I was quite unimpressed with the miso broth and would recommend people avoid it, but I'm still giving 5 stars because I've tried the other soups which were all delicious. GooglePlace - November 2017
Barbie Barbosa en
Their soup and ramen noodles are so good - it's always worth the long line. Even so, waiting times are not that bad. They manage the flow of people really well. I tried different Ramen restaurants to prove myself that this is the best ramen restaurant ever. GooglePlace - November 2017