Minami Restaurant / Vancouver

1118 Mainland St. at Helmcken St. Vancouver V6B 2T9
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:30 - 22:00
Fri, Sat 11:30 - 23:00
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Lawrence Fu en
I ordered the premium zen tasting menu ($45). I was disappointed by the overall quality, I will split the review into three portions. Appetizers (2 stars) None of the appetizers stood out a lot for me. None of them tasted bad but I was expecting more. Sushi (3.5 stars) Disclaimer, my review would be affected by the circumstances as our dishes were served too quickly, our sushi were served way before we finished our appetizers so they sat on the table for around 15 minutes before I started eating them. The sushi all got really cold and they didn't taste great. They were still good but I think they would taste better if they were more fresh. The shrimp with truffle topping stood out for me. Dessert (5 stars) It was spot on. Not too sweet and not too creamy. I don't think I will be going back soon. If I do, I would stick with the sushi. GooglePlace - December 2017
Li Yap en
Ostentatious would be a word to describe my dining experiences at Minami. I will provide the caveat that I'm really not one for seafood, so feel free to disregard my review if you love sushi. It's pretty to be sure. I'm reminded of the scene in Firefly when Mal looks to the floating chandelier and remarks that he understands the how, but not the why of it; and that almost entirely sums up my experience here. (A line which will make sense to the 15% of us who still remember that show). The Yaletown tax seems especially heavy handed here and you certainly feel out of place if you show up in anything less than business casual attire. I made the mistake of trying to show off with a date here and we spent most of the night making fun of the place. (At one point, her sushi arrived with more fancy decorative rocks in the bowl than actual sushi things to consume). For what it's worth, my date certainly seemed to think the food was good even if the pricing was steep. Speaking as someone who isn't keen on seafood, the menu is incredibly sparse and what you do find is incredibly light compared to their sushi menu (I believe my equally priced entree consisted of 5 bites of beef...) In short; there are precisely two reasons to come here: sushi and presentation. If you're not interested in being there for either of those two express reasons (and ideally, you want to be there for both), you'll probably have a poor time. GooglePlace - December 2017
Lin Lin en
I’ve been to this restaurant multiple times but this past week, my visit was horrible. Upon entry to the restaurant, my friend and I were greeted by an unfriendly hostess. Sure, we were a bit late but she really didn’t have to give us a nasty attitude. She could’ve just said that she will see if our seats were still available or if not, she can seat us at the bar. Instead, her attitude was so nasty .. with her tone and her nasty look on her face, we almost left the restaurant. Basically, our seats were still available . However, with such greeting, who would want to go again or even stay!? It bothered us even a week later. The restaurant had to know that a hostess had to greet customers pleasantly otherwise even the best sushi will become the worst. Everything tasted bland that might. It’ll be awhile before we will go back again.. GooglePlace - December 2017
Kathryn Anderson en
Minami has the best sushi in Vancouver, hands down! This place is pricey, but worth every penny as their sushi melts in your mouth. No soy sauce needed, or wanted, with anything they serve. Sitting at the bar provides an evening of great food, drinks, and entertainment as you watch them create sushi masterpieces. And the intimate patio out back is a great little hide-away in the summer. Highly recommend this restaurant. GooglePlace - December 2017
Pierre Manaigre en
The sushi at this place is top shelf! Artistry on a plate. The salmon pictured was brought in from New Zealand and has a fattier texture than Canadian salmon. It was delicious. Highly recommended! The service was also top-notch and super attentive. GooglePlace - November 2017