Ramen Gojiro / Vancouver

501 Dunsmuir St Richards Vancouver V6B 3K4
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 22:00
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Ramen Gojiro
Ramen Gojiro As I've mentioned before, I misjudged the bubble tea craze as a passing fad many, many years ago.  It not only didn't go away, there are new spots opening up all over the place.  Th ... continue Sherman's Food Adventures · Blog
Ramen Gojiro: Gatsuri-Style Ramen in Vancouver
Ramen Gojiro: Gatsuri-Style Ramen in Vancouver Ramen Gojiro is a new ramen shop in Downtown Vancouver and it is part of the Menya Kouji group that also owns Ramen Butcher and Taishoken. They specialize in jiro-style/gatsuri-styl ... continue Foodology.ca · Blog
Tips from the Net @ Ramen Gojiro
R L en
Much better ramen places out there. Soup is garlic based and very heavy on the garlic taste so those who have allergies to it, beware!! From the menu, large bowl looks exuberant and huge but all bean spouts! Chicken is so dry and overly deep fried. You get quantity over quality. First time here and wasn't enjoyable. You could do instant ramen and make a better meal out of it.. very disappointing... GooglePlace - September 2017
Heather Watson en
Dipping noodles were ok, though tangy. If you like your insides screaming for mercy while you're huddled into a ball on the toilet some hours later, than this is the best choice for a great colon cleansing. Make sure if you go with your partner that there are two toilets available where you live together. GooglePlace - August 2017
Sally Sutisna en
Definitely worth the visit if you're around Downtown. It is very affordable and the ramen is very delicious. You could even choose how spicy you want your dishes to be- which is definitely a perk since I like mine to be very spicy. As the restaurant is conveniently located across the cathedral, we visited the place after mass and never looked back. Do check it out, as long as you're not bothered by the long line-ups to get a seat. GooglePlace - July 2017
Russell Barnes en
Last orders are taken at 9:40pm/before. Arrived after a flight, looking forward to food, and was disappointed by a 'closed' sign on the door (customers were still eating) and shrugs from waitresses. Foursquare - July 2017
Achanart Cammack en
Great noodles, awesome broth and biggest portion of pork I've ever seen so far in Vancouver for this price. Recommend to ask to put sprouts and garlic on the side because it is way to much. You won't be able to get your noodle until you finish half of the sprouts. Love the option for broth as well. You can choose light or rich. GooglePlace - June 2017