Romer's Burger Bar / Vancouver

1873 W 4th Ave btwn Cypress & Burrard Vancouver V6J 1M4
Opening Hours
Sun 10:00 - 22:00
Mon, Tue, Wed 11:00 - 22:00
Thu, Fri 11:00 - 23:00
Sat 10:00 - 23:00

Romer's Port Moody 7-101 Morrissey Rd Port Moody, BC 604-917-0118 Romer's Kitsilano 1873 W 4th Ave Vancouver, BC 604-732-9545 Romer's River District 8683 Kerr St. Vancouver,BC 604-566-9545

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Evan Doornberg en
Such a bad and SUCH an awkward experience. Note: have been to a Roamers restaurant 3 times now, all of which were awful. The other day though... 1. “Happy hour calamari” is a total rip off because of the teeny tiny size of the dish itself. Less than half the size of the regular calamari yet more than half the price... What’s the point of happy hour?? Mind you when it came to our table it was ice cold. And the second time it came out it was burned to a crisp. 2. The darn gift card fiasco. Myself and my girlfriend had a gift card for Christmas, so we informed our waitress and she let us know the roamers system for gift cards is bad. So what, who cares right? Nope. She informed us that she had to take the bill and card downstairs to the “office” and we had to TELL HER the TIP we were about to give her. I’ve never, ever had such a strange experience, that was so awkward and so frustrating. Mind you Roamers is a chain of restaurants! Not just a little mom n’ pop shop. Very disappointed but I mean at this point I expected nothing less. If I didn’t have 27 dollars left on my gift card I would never step foot in a Roamers again. Very sad. GooglePlace - February 2018
This Intimate yet Popular Restaurant in the Kitsilano( Vancouver's' West Side) serves up some pretty Amazing food. The Staff are very friendly, accommodating, and very courteous. This Restaurant offers pick up orders, and a V.I.P downstairs for Private Parties. Thank You for the great service and memorable dining experience. Daniel Borden GooglePlace - February 2018
David Marchuk en
Good food and (usually) fast service to seat, take order and serve. It can be pretty noisy at times, but that's part of the experience. It's pricey which is the biggest downside. Burgers mostly don't come with fries and they are not cheap, but they are good. I like to try their monthly burgers, had some outstanding ones. Their Mac and Cheese with the Rasta Chicken is a favorite as well. GooglePlace - December 2017
hamed valipour en
Good restaurant. Its vibe is similar to pub but they have a great variety of burgers. My personal favorite is magic mushroom. Man's man is good too but not as good as magic mushroom. Mini donuts are perfect. Warm and delicious. GooglePlace - December 2017
E_____ C_____ en
One of the best places for burgers in Vancouver. It is good they offer gluten free bun or a lettuce bun as an option. The gluten free bun is the better choice. The lettuce bun falls apart too easily. The burgers are really tasty and they have good side salads to go with the burger. There is also a selection. Of beers, wines and cocktails. The service is friendly. GooglePlace - December 2017