Salad Loop / Vancouver

555 W Hastings St. at Simon Fraser University Vancouver V6B 1M1
+1 604-408-1096
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 18:00
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Don Charters en
I had once held this little nook in a very high regard, the selection there was diverse, creative and inspiring and it seemed that much care had gone into their buffet style presentation - into its freshness and abundance. On top of this the price was super low - it seemed like a cheap and easy way to get on the vegetable/health band wagon and supposedly benefit from it - and yet- when I was honest with myself - I realized that I just didn't feel as well as I had hoped to after making salad from this place a part of my daily regimen, and so I stopped going there for quit a long time. In recent times I put my toes back into the water of this seemingly fresh vitamin mineral and enzyme, roughage, providing place - trying to determine just how safe those waters were before taking the plunge once more. "Do you use sulphites?" was my question to one very young, oriental (or Asian [much less clear] if you prefer) woman there, and even before I asked I was able to guess what her response would be - "'Sulphites' - what is that?? - never heard of it." Only in much worse English. But I happened to catch TWO such employees together late in the day just a day or two ago, and I was determined to establish just how safe their salad bar was. Upon posing my sulphites question I got the same performance from the second young oriental woman, but despite her incredulous/ignorant routine I decided to keep pursuing it - as if to enlighten her to the obvious - telling her what sulphites were and how widespread their use in salad bars were and as I pursued this issue in such a manner it became very clear to that this person was totally aware of what sulphites were but that it was her practice (as it was of her fellow employee whom I had dealt with previously) to PRETEND that they had a very limited grasp of English and that they had no clue at all as to what sulphites were. This farce - this evasive and deceitful way of dealing with customers was what anyone earnestly inquiring about the products at this Salad Loop would have run into - as they (I) were as good as lied to by their employee's. GooglePlace - June 2017
A Google User en
very fresh and fast, good stuff GooglePlace - March 2012