Seawall Bar And Grill / Vancouver

1601 Bayshore Drive at The Westin Bayshore Vancouver V6G 3H5
+1 604-691-6967
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 06:30 - 23:00
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lea howard en
Went for Sunday Brunch buffet for $35 per person. The food quality tasted delicious and our server was nice, but the timing was off on food and drinks. The buffet opens at 11:30am. The buffet was half set up with people waiting to eat. The rotisserie carve station, french toast station and dim sum weren’t set until close to 12pm. The majority of dishes didn’t have serving utensils and those setting up were scrambling. Our server was nice but the bar took long for our drinks, arriving close to noon for a Caesar and milk for our coffee.... we were already done our first plate when the drinks arrived. If management figures the timing out, we would go back as the food was tasty, but overall a disappointing experience. GooglePlace - January 2018
Na Ne en
Good food, but serious service issues. We went for their special New Year's Eve buffet dinner, splurging at $95 per person with the menu specifying that it came with a glass of bubbles. When we asked for our glasses of sparkling, the server said that she couldn't give it to us until midnight! They started their reservations at 5 pm and ours was at 6 pm so there was no way they expected those early seating to stay until midnight so they were essentially saying that no one was really getting the included drink. They planned to close down their savoury stations at 10:30, so who would be there? So it wouldn't have been so bad if she had just gone off and said I'll speak to the manager but she kept saying that no and that it couldn't be done. I said that I would also speak to the manager, and basically, since we hadn't started, wanted to walk out because they were not honouring the in-print menu, Unbelievable considering it was a f'n $95, they couldn't give us the sparkling anyway even if that was what they meant, just to stop us from feeling ripped off?? Anyway, she went away and it wasn't a problem, and it might have been all about this one server being particularly bad at dealing with the situation. She said she was going to send the manager to talk to me, but it wound up not being necessary, and she just gave it to us. At one point she said "I don't even know where they put the sparkling" as if that it wasn't possible to find any sparkling wine until midnight! But if management told her it was only for midnight, then that's on them, and it's false advertising, misleading, ridiculously stingey, and for a business, really untrustworthy behaviour!). Service in general wasn't great (for the price point especially). Although she checked on us a few times in the beginning, the same server was difficult to find later, and we waited for the machine for quite a while after getting the bills. She took away our napkins during the meal, but didn't replace them until we asked, and we had to ask for water and coffee refills. I had to basically go to the cutlery station myself because I thought it would be faster than trying to get someone over. They somehow thought of clearing the dishes and cutlery pretty regularly but rarely thought about replacing them for some reason, so you're left without being able to eat because there wasn't any cutlery (and it wasn't like at some buffets where there is cutlery available for guests to pick up themselves (if there was, I didn't see them). Again, the food was tasty and the buffet was well replenished throughout the night (if we had great service, I might rate the whole experience a 4). But they are not going to do well if they treat their customers like this, and mislead them, and expecially if they don't know how to recover from a service mistake and instead let someone escalate to anger before a meal even starts. Trying to ruin New Years Eve for people over a few little glasses of wine (which would cost so little compared to the trouble it could cause)? I tipped the server pretty well in the end, but I regret that, and wish I could re-do that. Shame on you, H2. Of course, we enjoyed our evening anyway, but it was despite the service. I felt offended that they would even try to scam people out of an included drink when they are paying that much for a buffet meal. I organized the group, and had let everyone know that this was included (since it was in writing in their menu!!), and the restaurant was just going to not give it out. Unbelievable. No one even apologized for the mix-up or the fact that the menu did not specify a time. GooglePlace - January 2018
Mingyang Chen en
food is ok. But considering the price it's not very worth it. I came here Christmas so it might affect their performance. Took 1 hour from appetizers to main dishes. GooglePlace - December 2017
Jennifer Plante en
Slow service and the food was not good and overpriced. We were here for breakfast and has really slow service and again for dinner and it was even worse. GooglePlace - November 2017
Quinton Meagher en
I'm not usually one to do reviews, but I really felt the urge to give this place the five star rating that they deserve. I wasn't expecting too much from a restaurant inside a hotel, but I was very wrong. The food tasted absolutely amazing, and the presentation was very unique. The service was timely and the extremely nice and accommodating. The employees were very kind and nice to talk with. Our chef, Caitlin Mark, was nice enough to come out and talk to us for a little while. Everyone at my table was impressed with their dinners, so I made sure to let her know how nicely the food was prepared. Our waiter, Eric, did a great job taking care of us. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in the area looking for quality food! GooglePlace - July 2017