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368 W 7th Ave at Yukon St Vancouver V5Y 1M4
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Solly’s Bagelry, now a Vancouver Institution, is a family business established in March 1994 in Eastside Vancouver. A Jewish Family Bakery and Deli, Solly’s offers a variety of traditional Jewish baked goods and deli items. As a young girl, founder and current owner, Leah Markovitch learned Jewish baking by observing and working with her Baba (Grandma) in her Baba’s kitchen. Many of Solly’s delicious foods stem from original recipes, handed down from previous generations in Eastern Europe, to her Baba, to Leah’s Mother , and to Leah herself. These recipes, along with many others, lovingly shared by family and friends, have been authentically recreated in Solly’s kitchens. Solly’s currently has three retail stores in Vancouver: Main & 24th, Broadway & MacDonald and Yukon & 7th. As a company committed to Jewish baking and cuisine, Solly’s President & CEO, Leah Markovitch, says: “When I look back at all we’ve accomplished over the past 19 years, I cannot help but “kvell”- a Yiddish term meaning “feel delighted, proud and Joyful”. From the first day Solly’s opened, the smell of fresh bagels filled the air all along Main Street which at the time was a neighborhood consisting mainly of pawn shops, antique stores and the odd greasy spoon. Main Street seemed like a strange place to set up a Jewish bakery, far removed from the traditional Jewish neighborhoods in the Oak Street corridor. But what Solly’s did for the East side, they also did for greater Vancouver and eventually Western Canada, where the name Solly’s Bagelry is synonymous with maintaining the authentic Jewish deli and bakery experience that has now been mostly corporatized and sanitized in Eastern Canada and the United states. “We took traditional Jewish foods that had been kept quietly cloistered within a few small Jewish bakeries and delis, and moved them into the mainstream of Vancouver life, putting Jewish food on the map” says Leah Markovitch. “We are proudly Jewish and proclaim it throughout our stores. By doing so we have made Jewish holidays and festivals like the Jewish New Year, Chanukah, Purim, Passover as well as the weekly Jewish Sabbath, part of the vernacular, embraced by the many cultures that constitute Greater Vancouver. Always remaining committed to Jewish authenticity, taste and excellence, we’ve taken artistic and creative license by introducing such delectable goodies such as “samosa” knishes, and “chocolate matzah” to name a few. With stores that have a sense of bohemian style, Jewish music and enjoyment, Solly’s Bagelry has always been fun hip and cool. In addition to over a dozen varieties of hand-rolled boiled bagels, Solly’s features world famous cinnamon buns, chocolate Babka, Rugoleh, strudel, mandelbroit, knishes, blintzes, challah, meringues, macaroons and so much more. Solly’s mouth-watering deli meals include pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, lox and cream cheese, and delicious soups including home made chicken soup with matzo balls. One of the popular breakfast items is Solly’s Eggel™ creation, which is a fresh baked toasted bagel topped with an egg, melted edam or cheddar and various delicious toppings. Not only does Solly’s sell it’s delicious food out of its retail stores, but it’s wholesale and catering divisions located in behind their west 7th retail shop, manufacture food for special events, wholesale, groceries, restaurants and coffee bars.

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Hannah Perry en
I really wanted to like this place but I had some of the rudest service I've ever encountered and it was also incredibly slow. Waited in line for about 20 minutes. There were 4 people a head of me and they were each only ordering something very small that took no prep time at all. The wait should not have been nearly so long. I had called ahead earlier in the day to check if they had any Challah bread and the lady I spoke to told me they only had Challah rounds (not braided Challah), and so I asked her to put 3 aside for me. When I got there I saw that they had an abundance of braided Challah too (just taken out of the freezer evidently) and I wanted to buy that instead. I told the lady at the counter I had put the round Challah on hold but now that I saw that they had braided Challah I would like to buy it instead. She freaked out at me and was incredibly rude, saying that had several customers had wanted Challah rounds but that she had saved them for me and how dare I change my mind now!?! I pointed out that she had told me that braided Challah was unavailable but that it now was, so therefore I didn't believe I was in the wrong. To be fair, it appeared that she was the only one working in the entire shop/bakery so she was evidently very stressed and probably having a bad day. The staffing issue really needs to be addressed her to improve the customer experience and the quality of work environment for the employees. All that being said, the Challah was AMAZING and I really want to like this place (its right on my bike route, prices are reasonable and the breakfasts look amazing) so I'll give it another chance. Here's hoping its a better experience next time! GooglePlace - October 2017
Colter Schmidt en
Went into this establishment excited about getting some cool Jewish food. Waited, and waited, then waited some more. Owner was on the phone, I eventually asked her if I would be able to place an order. She responded in a hostile tone... so I left. Wasted my time, stressed me out, made me feel as if I wasn't valued as a customer. I don't care if you've got amazing food, without a modicum of service it means nothing. GooglePlace - October 2017
Brent Arentsen en
Took 25 min to prepare a bagel and coffee. Rude staff. Almost walked out without my food and beverage. GooglePlace - October 2017
Harsha Jayasekera en
Horrendous service! Waited almost 20 minutes for my bagel meal. Employees are borderline rude and unfriendly. Food is prepared by bare hands and no gloves were used. They touch meat, veggies, food preparation equipment and go to the next order. I never saw them wash their hands. Heard they had "really good bagels". Right... They didn't taste any better than a bagel from any other bagle joint. Do yourself a favor, go somewhere else. GooglePlace - September 2017
Brie XO en
I read the reviews and I'm not quite sure what happened, I had a great experience here. The service was good and the young man was friendly, there was a short line and it was fast I thought the bagel was a bit pricey, but the cinnamon bun I got was the best I've ever had! I can't wait to go back for the babka! GooglePlace - August 2017