Steamworks Brewing Company / Vancouver

375 Water St at Richards St Vancouver V6B 5C6
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:30 - 00:00
Fri, Sat 11:30 - 00:10
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Tips from the Net @ Steamworks Brewing Company
Matt Law en
Personally I've had better fish and chips at a train station. The muscles were good, I only wish there were more and the beer cocktails could use less citrus and more flavor. GooglePlace - January 2018
Ronald B en
Parking was easy to find right in front of the Brew Pub. We got a seat right away and to our surprise we could actually order a flight of 10!!! There was too many beers to choose from so having that flight made sense. We also had the Soft Fish Tacos and the Oktoberfest Pizza. The fish tacos were good but the pizza was REALLY good. The big pieces of onion really made it sweet and most of the beers went well with the pizza. It was hard to find a pairing for the tacos but that was ok. The only issue I had was that the table we got was too small for what we ordered. Down stairs had more space and it really made it more special. It was really a neat place to go and have good food and beers. Definitely go and check it out! Their Pale Ale is a good beer to try out as well. GooglePlace - January 2018
Ayla Abbott en
The food was good, but the beer was just okay. How good you think the beer is probably depends on how thriving the brewery scene is in the town that you live in. If you come from a place with a great deal of competition and flavor experimentation then this won't be particularly exciting. If you come from a place that only has one brewery which only brews a lager then this is going to be phenomenal for you. GooglePlace - January 2018
Dean A. Wright-Palmer en
Cleanliness is next to godliness, one thing about a restaurant is that it must be kept clean. Very dirty line. A line sweep every couple hours is a good way to start. Deep cleaning is an issue. GooglePlace - December 2017
Katie H en
This is a very late review as I went back in June, but I thought I would write something while I had time. Very positive experience with some of the best service I've ever had. I went with my sister and we got 2 of the tuna salads which were amaaaazing and arrived within 10 minutes on a busy day. Our waiter (I'm so sorry I forget your name. If it comes to me, I'll edit) was perfect. Friendly, funny, and attentive. Had some great beer recommendations. The flagship IPA is an amazing beer, possibly tied for my favourite IPA ever with driftwood's fat tug. Keep up the good work guys! You rock! GooglePlace - November 2017