White Spot / Vancouver

1616 W Georgia St at Cardero Vancouver V6G 2V5
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 06:30 - 23:00
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A en
Burgers and fries served cold. Server insisted that one of us had ordered a particular dish when she had not. Food is over rated and over priced. Servers here have a real attitude of entitlement. The White Spot has been a Vancouver restaurant chain for more than 75 years; however, it's now owned by a large corporation and it has been riding on its once good reputation for too long. GooglePlace - December 2017
Gary Parmar en
I’m sitting here waiting for my bill, the fat brown manager is leaning against the bar with both hands talking to his buddy, he sees that I want to pay my bill, doesn’t even try to acknowledge me. Instead goes to the back with his other buddy to show his office. Then comes back and stands the same way. His two servers are sitting next to me and he has more interest in talking to his off duty coworkers while he’s working. He has no concern about the current staff sitting in he restaurant, in fact he has his back to them. This guy is not worthy of managing a restaurant of this sort of location/class. He’s just there collecting hours, very easy to tell. Show some hustle buddy. GooglePlace - October 2017
Daryl Austman en
It's tough not to enjoy the quality and interesting choices of food at any White Spot and this one was no different. We had guests from Australia and chose a "Canadian/WestCoast" styled restaurant to give them a taste of our west coast cuisine. The food was tasty, hot, looked great and enjoyed by all. Most of us had a Sunday breakfast/brunch styled meal with one guest having a burger. All were thoroughly enjoyed. Service was great, I personally find some of the White Spots (and this one in particular) fairly noisy and difficult to carry on normal, quiet conversations, especially if they are busy. GooglePlace - September 2017
Blankenship Bobby en
My wife and I went there around 9:30 pm and they close at 11 pm. There was hardly anyone there which is kind of surprising because the restaurant was nice and the food was pretty good. Anyway it was nice going to a place to have a good meal with my wife without it being over crowded and loud. GooglePlace - August 2017
Pierre Perreault en
We went for lunch on a week day; no wait to be seated, simple menu but the food is quite good. Prices are reasonable for food, and for wine as well. Lively place; when in the lounge, open terrace on West Georgia lets the street noise in, but it's not unpleasant. Great service, with a smile :-) If you in the area, it's worth the stop for good food at a fair price. Recommended. GooglePlace - August 2017