Agli Artisti Da Piero / Venezia

Ruga Giuffa 4835 Venezia 30122
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James Browne en
Hop off the Chianti, don't skimp out, get the 750ml 😆it's A1 sharon Foursquare - March 2017
王紫瑜 en
It is kind of cheating restaurant! Today we just ate four dishes which list on their menu for special only today. The price we paid are 6 times higher than price on the menu! It was 313.5 euro. They pointed out at the corner of the menu and it said the foods depend on the weight (100g per price on the menu).In the end, when we asked why they didn't explain this (Because we are foreigners so we don't understand Italian, they especially introduced these dishes for us so we just believed them)their attitudes were totally different from the beginning, it's really rude! As I checked the comments from the other consumers they also mentioned this point, so be careful with this restaurant! GooglePlace - February 2017
Alex Ieri en
Horrible experience that finished before it even started... arrived with my girlfriend and we were sat next to another couple. With the restaurant being half empty at the time, I kindly requested (in Italian) if we could be moved to a table on the side. The waiter then rudely told me that it was for 4 people and that this was impossible. Considering the month (January) and the fact that it was around 8.30/9 already, I said kindly that if we could not be seated in said place or another suggestion then we would take out business elsewhere. At this point the waiter POINTED towards the door! I was honestly so shocked, the restaurant owner appeared from behind the bar and I expressed my apologies to him saying that this waiter was genuinely a horrible man. I immediately left and went to an amazing pizzeria just as you walk outside and to the right at the end of the street. I beg you do not give these people your hard earned money. GooglePlace - January 2017
Alexander Burtsev en
The interior is very nice, the dishes are tasty. Yep, I don't know why they want to cheat you with seafood prices. The total price is normal for Venice, but you can be disappointed when you get the bill because you didn't know that prices is per 100 gramm. So if they set the real prices, it would be much honestly. The other thing is the tax, that doesn't specified in the menu too The total bill for two persons (pizza, pasta with lobster, two desserts and 1/2 litre of home wine) is 85€ GooglePlace - January 2017
Minjung Kim en
They are scam, as the other guy mentioned below. They didn't mention it was per 100gram! Be aware that all the price of the sea food there is per 100gram. I mean the menu is written in Italian, so for foreigners who can't read Italian, it is obvious that we listen to what the waiter offers and explains. However there was no mention of how the food will be charged, nor an explanation of how much grams they will serve. But such a gentle gesture saying they will serve enough for two people. In the end the waiter tells us that we had 400g but without notice. Who knows we had 300 or 200 grams? And even with the sea food pasta??are they weight also with pastas??? I think it's their strategy to confuse customers when they enter the restaurant, and make us to have a quick choice, without having time to read through the menu. If you are considering to have a casual dinner there, think twice. GooglePlace - October 2016